BONGeBOY's ban appeal

BONGeBOY  Member 13 May 20 at 11:46pm Edited
FULL RP Name(s): E6 BONGeBOY, MPF UNION 09 7456.

Discord Username: denden_117#6683

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:11133071

Who banned you? Sentinal

Date of Ban: May 13, 2020

Ban Length: 2 Days, along with a warn

Ban Reason: spawned a vehicle 

Why should you be unbanned? : 

the very first reason I think I should be unbanned is that I truly do love this server and the whole community around it. I've sunk a couple of hundred hours into this server and have even written a google sheets document recording the prices of the stock market. I really enjoy playing on the server as well as that, its fun to mouse 2 and mouse 1. That and with what's currently going on in the world with the quarantine and everything I've really grown to genuinely love the server and the people who play it as annoying as they may be they have consistently kept me coming back to the server. the second reason that I think I should be unbanned is the fact that Iraq lobster and I were the ones to first report this bug where anyone could spawn vehicles, we were spawning them as proof to show dodgy that anyone could spawn any vehicle, after showing to dodgy I made sure to NOT spawn anymore, as I want to continue playing in this server.

Evidence/Other: google spreadsheet for CVR's stock market
Dodgy  Head Administrator VIP 14 May 20 at 8:16am

Ban has been reduced to 2 Days. 
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