Boo's Ban Appeal

Boo  VIP 4 Jun 19 at 3:03am Edited
FULL RP Name(s): Trial Assassin Boo / VET SSGT Boo

Discord Username: Tiger#0717

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:42407454

Who banned you? Firekeepersakura/ Brigadier General Katarina
E1: Although I was just informed that Katarina was told me ban me

Date of Ban: 3/06/2019 (i think, i was offline at the time of the ban)

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Reason: Hacking

Why should you be unbanned? Well I don’t really know why I was banned, I was banned whilst I was offline, I have a slight suspicion that it may have been whilst I was 1v1ing Katarina or another situation with xAdept but I  cannot confirm that without my banner or the person who requested my ban's input. If it turns out to be one of those situations  I do have them both recorded. I’ll provide recording if necessary and will defend myself further when my banner has replied.

Evidence/Other: N/A Currently, need banners input

[DEFN] Head Janitor  VIP 4 Jun 19 at 4:08am
-1, There isn't really any proof at all to support your appeal. The proof should you do Have if you have any, you must attach to the post.

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Hong Kong  Senior Infrastructure Moderator VIP 4 Jun 19 at 7:56am
Not -1ing yet. I’m more neutral until I see sufficient evidence to determine if he was cheating or not.

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PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 4 Jun 19 at 10:55am Edited
ye nvm about that minge commentt, man you hack again that is so shitty of you to do boo but =1
[DEFN] Aura  Director of Personnel VIP 4 Jun 19 at 5:14pm
Post a long debate, with even more videos pouring in, management has come to a decision to permanently ban you for hacking. The decision is final as well, and it will most likely will not be discussed again. You're welcome to come clean, though it won't change the outcome.

Sorry, but you're gonna have to move on.

Appeal is  Denied.

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