Boo's Ban Appeal

Tiger  VIP 16 May 20 at 6:58pm
FULL RP Name(s): EOWA CmD Boo

Discord Username: Tiger#0717

Steam IDSTEAM_0:1:42407454

Who banned you?: Katarina

Date of Ban: 16/05/2020

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Reason: Hacking

Why should you be unbanned?  I got sent the video and honestly it's pretty trash compared to what was used to ban me in the past. My POV and the video is shown below.

Evidence/Other:   My POV:

Juan  Member 16 May 20 at 7:04pm
-1 Nah man I know you.
Shower  Member 16 May 20 at 7:09pm
-1 boo is a redditard
chickenballs  Member 16 May 20 at 7:17pm
-1 fuck you and your boo client you stupid hacker

D for Deaf
A for Autistic
V for Vore
E for ERP
Poison  VIP 16 May 20 at 7:32pm
dude funny meme hold on let me laugh
MR.Arrow  Member 16 May 20 at 8:01pm
-1 Bruh for fucks sake update the boo client it has been a few years
Burn  Chief Executive Officer 17 May 20 at 8:16pm
The fact that Forums staff are in here "moderating" this post makes my brain hurt.
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