Bring back neck snap

[WILD] Tango  VIP 29 Jun 20 at 7:06pm
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What is your suggestion?

Re-enable neck-snap for cross/mace/SU

How would this benefit the server?

It will help in assassinations a lot as it adds more secrecy when taking the target down, but obviously there is the possibility this will be abused a lot by careless people, you could easily enforce the rules of neck-snap by not allowing the use of it in DB's and against your team, giving severe punishments for breaking its use. I understand that many will be against this suggestion as it was removed in the past for abusing it and TKing teammates. If possible to make OSS, Synths and vorts immune to neck-snap.

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Escopeta  VIP 29 Jun 20 at 7:08pm
+1 yes +1 yes +1 yes +1 yes +1 yes +1 yes +1 yes +1 yes +1 yes
Nekso  Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 29 Jun 20 at 7:42pm
+1 i never used it but it sounds cool and I don’t think bringing it back will hurt anything.
#1 Great Wooden Dad  Member 29 Jun 20 at 7:53pm
don't uh silencers do that? in assassinations use gun with quiet barrel lol, this isn't a thing that's needed nor will it make a big difference
Echos  Server Administrator Trial Gamemaster VIP 29 Jun 20 at 8:00pm
+1, even though the suppressor is a thing, you can still hear it and be tracked from it, though a simple neck snap you can’t really figure out

Former Technician CO
RF Squad CO
Escopeta  VIP 29 Jun 20 at 8:03pm
I mean its not a good excuse but i still want neck snapping back
Raven.  Head Administrator VIP 29 Jun 20 at 8:12pm
Excluding certain classes from the necksnap whitelist is possible, as it was able to be done before.
Don't really get why TK with the necksnap is any different from TK with a rifle, so +1

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Valenberg  VIP 29 Jun 20 at 8:47pm
i need my scp-173 roleplay please
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