Bring back neck snap

[DEFN] Aithead  Affairs Counselor Certified Gamemaster 30 Jun 20 at 4:02pm
(30 Jun 20 at 2:35pm)GravyBoat Wrote: show video i wanna see how easy it is to get a guaranteed kill on someone

As Phoenix said, you have to be pressed right up against the back of the person's model to neck snap them. It's quite specific about where it works.

And yeah, it is accurate to say that you actually have to be touching the other person's playermodel for it to work. It's not easy, and guns are more reliable regardless. It's basically impossible to do while moving, and due to the click cooldown for swinging and missing with the Climb Swep, you can't just spam click and hope for it to work.
Jimmy Bones  Member 30 Jun 20 at 4:55pm
(30 Jun 20 at 4:39pm)GravyBoat Wrote: show

I don't think there is a video of it, sad momento ._.

Escopeta  VIP 30 Jun 20 at 4:58pm
Used the feature back when it was a thing.
Not that hard to pull off but not so easy that it would ever replace gunning assassinations as the "meta" way of killing your target. Just an extra
fun way of dealing with them.
Burn  Chief Executive Officer 30 Jun 20 at 5:17pm
This suggestion is being accepted as we deem it appropriate that users can behave themselves this time. 

However, we will state this. The reason it was removed last time because the sheer amount of TK resulting from it even though staff would hand out punishments was in the extreme. Leadership on both sides including those in this thread failed to do anything and they themselves would participate in it. They would only take action after threats of banning were made, but even then it was a half hearted attempt. Let us make it clear now, while we will add this back, if we see this ability being abused and find that those who know about the abuse do not report it immediately, it will be removed as well as other punishments handed out. We hope that the community and divisions that have had this ability in the past have grown and moved on from their past mingy ways of just sitting in base and neck snapping each other as well as disrupting Debriefs. We hope that leadership on both sides can take some responsibility on dealing with the abuse should it come up unlike last time where we had to take action to remove it due to leaderships willful ignorance on the issue.
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