Buff flamethrower damage.

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[DEFN] Aithead  Certified Gamemaster VIP 3 Dec 19 at 10:01am
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What is your suggestion?

When a player first joins ENG or GRID, they might be like "Oh wow we have a flamethrower!" and go mess around with it for all of 5 mins before they realize it is trash, and because the Flamethrower is a important part of our loadout, as it allows us to destroy our enemies' props. However, this process is very slow.

When I use the flamethrower against props, it can take upwards of a minute to destroy one prop, which in gameplay terms is a very long time. Plenty long enough for said enemies to set up a fortification somewhere else on the map. Aside from that, the Flamethrower is also useless in combat, except against Anarchists, and even then only if you hit them enough with it before they kill you.

Thus, I think the flamethrower's actual projectile damage should be buffed, although I do not think the damage-over-time needs to be changed.

I also feel like it would be nice to slightly increase the projectile size of the flamethrower to make it easier to hit props that have weird hitboxes, such as the stairs prop.

How would this benefit the server?

Currently, the flamethrower is really only used for a couple of reasons; the speed boost from holding it, as a meme, and when the player in question has a spare couple of mins to destroy enemy props. As it is a fairly large part of ENG/GRID's loadout I feel like it should be more effective than it currently is.

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Bel1ve.  Member 3 Dec 19 at 10:15am
-1 nah its good tbh...
#1 Great Wooden Dad  Member 3 Dec 19 at 10:37am
I'm not so sure about this
Engis are a support builder class and they have imo lots of utility, they can build arty, FOBs, and or other fortifications to gain height advantage
They get a gravity gun so they can hack and or fling manhacks and gravity guns
A nifty shotty
Repair kit that they can use on points to repair friendlies
And the flamethrower can destroy props as an abit of a extra of it being a flame
The flamethrower takes away alot of armor and aiming for the head (in my experience or testing) does a abit more than body
Basically engis are support classes and the flame is another weapon you can support your team (granted by basically committing suicide) but can really make enemies weaker, scared, and blind abit
[DEFN] TypicalName  VIP 3 Dec 19 at 11:08am
+1 for damage buff, that "100" damage does absolutely nothing even to unions, it takes a lot of more time to kill a union with it than with any other gun, however the afterburn should be decreased, it is just too annoying to burn for 10-15 seconds, maybe 5-8 seconds is enough?
Optimore  Member 8 Dec 19 at 10:53pm
It does pisspoor damage to props, too. Over 20 seconds just to burn one down. Get capped by a MACE or SU every time you try, even in areas you control.
[DEFN] Aithead  Certified Gamemaster VIP 9 Dec 19 at 11:12am
That is part of the reason I am suggesting the damage be buffed, rather than the afterburn.

When HVY/Ballista and SU/MACE have far more efficient ways to destroy props, and GRID/ENG's flamethrower takes a obscene amount of time to break props.

I am not suggestion the flamethrower disintegrate props instantly, but the current rate of destruction is quite slow. It also really does not do comparable damage to any of the current weapons we have access to; even RF fighters can just out damage it in close quarters.
OwO Its Darkehhh  Member 17 Dec 19 at 4:16pm
-1 tbh it's pretty good if you dont care about k/d because 1. engi's can detect maces with that shit and 2. after the complete burn time it does like 75+ damage penetrating through armor
Saladin  VIP 17 Dec 19 at 4:22pm
Flamethrowers are badass and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be more effective

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[DEFN] Aithead  Certified Gamemaster VIP 17 Dec 19 at 10:45pm
(17 Dec 19 at 4:16pm)OwO Its Darkehhh Wrote: -1 tbh it's pretty good if you dont care about k/d because 1. engi's can detect maces with that shit and 2. after the complete burn time it does like 75+ damage penetrating through armor

To ENG's interactions with MACE, that is true. However, I believe the primary reason for it to be added to the building classes is so that said building classes can destroy props. Why else would GRID also have access to it instead of a Disassembler or something of the sort?

As for the "penetrating" damage; 75 HP doesn't mean anything when the enemy in question can just go to someone with a healing item and regen it all. It is also dependent upon the amount of armor said person has, so it would not have the same effect on say, a EOWR/HECU rather than a UNION/RF.

I don't know why you say "It's pretty good if you don't care about K/D," as it is pretty much shit in terms of its damage output. The only way you would kills someone with it, is if they were already low HP, and even then they would probably die from the afterburn rather than any damage you did directly.

I do not believe you have ever played with the flamethrower, and the one interaction that it can be actually useful for; Mace checking on the ENGs' side, only applies to ENG. Especially as it would be metagaming to declare someone an SU because they took damage from the flamethrower.
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