Buff flamethrower damage.

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The War Machine  VIP 17 Dec 19 at 10:52pm

However there needs to be some sort of system where the flamethrower does more damage to props than players. The damage to players could be buffed, but that's not really what the purpose of the flamethrower is.
OwO Its Darkehhh  Member 18 Dec 19 at 8:13pm
the kd part is bc if you do kill someone for after burn it doesn't count towards ur kills, ur right and looking at what Saladin said I change to +1 lol and also bc why not
[LFG]Dr.MEM  VIP 31 Dec 19 at 3:09am
I did testing with it a few months back, it seems to prefer armor over hp so it burns armor off like paper but hp is mostly unaffected until the armor is gone
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