can i be unbanned

Combean0007  Director of Personnel VIP 7 Feb 20 at 3:23pm Edited
Not only you shot me while I was few meters above the ground cloaked, you also:
1)killed 2 MACE units while they were cloaked by simply tracking their movement
2)kept aiming at heads of players, including allies even through wall and on great distances
Head Admins will give a verdict soon.

NPU RIOT 02 5971
[Image: 764B7B9B55CB16EEE1C01D86FEE06F9B3FCFA2F2]
Captain McGee  Member 7 Feb 20 at 3:29pm Edited
(7 Feb 20 at 1:27pm)MININUKE324S Wrote: Date of Ban: 07/02/2020

Are you a time traveler? How do you know you're going to get banned this July??
I don't know guys, I wouldn't trust him.

I wouldn't trust him either if he's using the dd/mm/yyyy date format...
Vexeer  Head Administrator VIP 7 Feb 20 at 3:37pm

Solid evidence backup the purpose of the ban.
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