Canadie's Staff Application!

Canadian  Senior Server Administrator VIP 3 May 20 at 4:51am
FULL RP Name(s):
LVET CPT Canadian, HECU PVT Quebec, MPF HELIX 07 5207, MPF MACE TR 06 2207

What is your current IG level?
Level 81

Discord Username: 
Canadian #2049

Steam ID: 

What region/timezone are you located in? 

Do you have a microphone? 

Previous Warns? 
Uhh none

Previous Bans? 

Why do you want to be part of the staff team? Must be at least 3 sentences.
I’ve noticed the big lack of staff online recently. I really want to help make CvR better for the future. I’m not the best CO and I might not be the best staff member but I wanna help. So, why not give it a shot? Who knows what’s in store for me next.

Why should you be accepted on the staff team? Must be at least 3 sentences.
I think I should be accepted into the staff team because I wanna try making CvR a good experience for both veteran and new players. I won’t be perfect of course, but I gotta try at least. Heck, staff will be a new experience and I’ll make oopsies here and there but you never know until you try!

Do you understand that you must change your Steam name to "[DEFN] (Username)" upon getting accepted? 
I am completely aware and I understand. 

Any staff who can vouch for you? 
Senior Admin Dodgy, and Admin Kowalski/Troike

An MPF UNION kills a Civilian but you don't know the reasoning behind the killing. What do you do? 
Firstly, bring both of them in a secluded area and briefly ask both sides what happened. Next, ask the UNION why they RDM’d the Civilian. If the UNION had no good reason to gun down the Civilian, teach them why they shouldn’t do that again. If the UNION had a valid reason to shoot the Civi, tell the Civilian ways to not get themselves killed in the first place. Lastly, give a concluding sentence, dish out punishments (If needed), and return both of them to their original area. 

An H.E.C.U. Soldier enters the Combine base to "RP defect". How do you proceed as a staff member? 
First of all, bring the H.E.C.U soldier and briefly inform them that you are not allowed to enter the enemy base. This rule is not valid to infiltration classes of course. Next, tell them that RP Defecting is not allowed, as doing so is FailRP. FailRP is defined as exhibiting behaviors that break the flow of roleplay. Finally, warn them for their actions and clear up any questions/confusion. That’s when you return them using the command.

You find a SU/MACE CO infiltrating without notifying their team in chat. You bring them into a sit to talk to them about breaking the rules. In this sit the CO threatens to demote your RP character if you don't let them go. How do you handle this? 
It’s completely inappropriate to threaten a staff member with demotion for violating the rules. But when someone threatens you, simply keep your cool and give out their deserved punishments anyway. You should also capture the moment they threatened you and bring it up with their higher ups since they shouldn’t be able to do that. 

A group of players comes onto the server and threatens to DDOS or raid it. What do you think you should do? 
Server raiding is a month ban, while threatening DDOS is an instant permanent ban. Capture the moments they threaten a DDOS or Server raid, report it to higher ranking staff members, then ban them when given the green light to do so. 

You see a high ranking staff member doing something questionable, but you don't know if it is allowed. What do you do? 
You can browse through the rules on the Definitive Networks website and observe what that staff member is doing. If it is against the rules, tell them to stop. If they refuse, report the incident to higher ranking staff. 

[Image: image0.jpg]colonel maple | señor administrator

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Nekso  Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 3 May 20 at 5:18am
+1 Great player and a well known member of the community. App looks good, you have my +1.
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Kowalski  VIP 3 May 20 at 5:24am Edited
+1 Formatted nicely and I trust him enough to know he will make the right choices.
A little more detail wouldn’t hurt but I have no real complaints. You are a good friend and even more cool headed.
I trust you would make a good addition to the staff team.

*why tf yo staff app better then mine tf*

Current headass

[Image: Bv7LVRd.jpg]

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Vix  VIP 3 May 20 at 6:16am
This is incredibly formatted with good answers, and Canadian is a fantastic member of our community. I trust him and he has been a great friend.
Good Luck!
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himynameiszdenek  VIP 3 May 20 at 7:02am
+1 Application is formatted nicely, as stated above, makes it very easy to read.
Also Canadian is very active player and him being staff would be very cool.
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[DEFN] Sentinel  President 3 May 20 at 10:08am
+1 Its been a long time since I've seen an application this well made.

[Image: skillissuebilly.gif]
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Dodgy  VIP 3 May 20 at 2:24pm
+1 You’re such a respectable person with an amazing ability to be honest and kind. Your application is perfect and I really believe you should have a chance on the staff team. Good luck, Canadie <3
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Gizmo  Member 3 May 20 at 8:36pm
+1 Canadian is good at being an LVET officer and is pretty epic, is active and questions are will anwsered in my opinion
first post lol good luck
Moonpie  VIP 4 May 20 at 12:40am

Definitely a worthy fit for staff; he's very active, coolheaded 'n all around fun to be with! c:
[DEFN] Pyro Shark  VIP 4 May 20 at 3:27am
+1 you can finally join dodgy again

jokes aside, good application i think you'd be a good fit for the staff team.
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