Cheating Bans

V/CE  Member 5 Apr 22 at 1:52pm
Can cheating bans be appealed? I have been banned previously around possibly 3 years ago and I wish to accept the validity of my punishment as my self-awareness about my behavior was low due to my age.
Bore/Sev  Head Administrator VIP 5 Apr 22 at 1:56pm
You can appeal for perma-bans, however their are for unfair bans and not apologizes. Still feel free to make one if you want.

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V/CE  Member 5 Apr 22 at 1:58pm
Its funny, I noticed there were a bans that were years old that people attempted to appeal due to showing remorse for their behavior yet its always denied, I would say its kind of unfair but I will try to appeal it but it will unlikely be accepted as its an apology instead.
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