Climbswep Launching / Bhopping

Game Boy  VIP 22 Feb 21 at 9:46pm

I'd rather have RDU jetpacks
OrangeTango  Certified Gamemaster VIP 22 Feb 21 at 9:53pm
Helix climb swep please so I can abuse across the map and revive my whole team please
Rotten  VIP 22 Feb 21 at 10:01pm Edited
+1 to allowing bhop / removing the BHOP rule entirely
-1 to CSWEP Launcher

Bunnyhop has a negative when doing it now instead of it being a rule just keep the double damage while jumping a thing

CSWEP Launching no, since climbswepts been a thing on the server launching yourself has always not been allowed don't really see a reason as to change that due to the fact its unrealistic and can also lead to a huge unfair advantage to the other side depending on the circumstance
Woorj07  Member 23 Feb 21 at 3:35am
-1 Its asking for a quicker death
[DEFN] Brand  Staff Team Leader VIP 23 Feb 21 at 5:33am Edited

Thing is, no matter how much "skill" it takes to BHop correctly, or how many times people claim you take more damage so it's fine, it still looks terrible when you got squads of people moving around, firefights going on, then some sperg pulls a wide flank and zooms all the way around one side of the enemy, leaping up and down like a frog on cocaine.

Climb SWEP launching was abused so often it had to be removed via development so it physically cannot be done, or at least that was the intent.

We set certain classes to have certain movement speeds for a reason, for balance. To give certain classes speed boosts over others.
Niko_  VIP 23 Feb 21 at 6:04am
-1 please sir i want to go 1000 HU please sir please
bed crabs  Member 23 Feb 21 at 11:51am
> Allowing people to bhop / launch with climbswep would be very fun and enjoyable, it would also give another reason to use climbswep in battle.
This would not benefit the server at all. Allowing climbswep launch would benefit 4-6 classes that have climbswep.
Bhopping is already seen as legal, yet doing it excessively and at incredibly, stupidly high speeds can get you in trouble.

Shit tier post.
[DEFN] Strelitzia  Head Administrator VIP 23 Feb 21 at 3:56pm
im gonna be honest, i can't find a single real reason that this post was made other then to meme. there's no way you sat down and thought this was a good topic
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