[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 22 Jan 24 at 7:28am
Are you sure you're fighting the combine?

because... I'm not seeing any advisors.

There's no Grunts, no Aliens, the people you're fighting are all barely augmented anymore.

just the elites, for the most part. Them and those super soldiers.

What separates this fight from any other fight in human history?

it's not about survival anymore, or freedom. The Lambda Resistance is nearly a dictatorship in and of itself, hidden amongst sociopathy and carcinogenic Xenean mold. Recruits thrown to the meatgrinder, cars filled with bombs, and for what? A piece of the pie when enough people die that nobody can fight anymore? 

Some people say there's just no better place to walk out of life.


Not like the other guy's any different, "Universal Union" my ass. The only unity in them is how frequently they march together all neatly in a line, right into an ambush.

Someone needs to figure this shit out.

Maybe South America's a good spot for that.

Who knows.

(Is it Lore? Who knows.)
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