Ick's Staff App

[DEFN] Vad  Senior Infrastructure Moderator Certified Gamemaster 17 Oct 20 at 10:42pm
Ick is HIM so you know he is trustable, other than that the app isnt bad
Ramtrum  Server Administrator VIP 18 Oct 20 at 3:01am
+1 yes
[DEFN] Aura  Personnel Supervisor VIP 18 Oct 20 at 12:39pm Edited
No, you're from New Jersey

(are you gonna be joining then leave after you reach mod or admin or whatever?)

^ How many times have you done it already bro.
Ick  Head Infrastructure Moderator VIP 18 Oct 20 at 12:45pm Edited

If you fear for that then just dent the app already, your power out rules the HAs
[WILD] Tango  Junior Infrastructure Moderator Server Moderator VIP 18 Oct 20 at 1:04pm
+1 I like ick
Vexeer  Head Administrator VIP 22 Oct 20 at 3:34pm
Just to clarify, you don't necessarily need any concrete evidence on a sit unless the sit itself demands it. It's pretty much dependent on the sit itself, be it FailRP, RDM or Metagaming.

Other than that, you're good
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Monolith  Senior Server Administrator VIP 22 Oct 20 at 4:09pm
ick is an experienced player and well valued member of the community
+1, dont even think it needed to be stated
Woorj07  Member 22 Oct 20 at 4:14pm
+1 Aside from memes I've seen him a lot on Discord and he's an active member. Serious man man
Dodgy  Head Administrator VIP 27 Oct 20 at 4:04pm

Please contact a HA for an interview! (NA - Fel and Dodgy | EU - Raven and Vexeer)

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