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Dodgy  VIP 2 Jan 20 at 5:42am
+1 I don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said.
Some guy on the internet  Member 2 Jan 20 at 8:23am

Good app, good guy.

Used to play here between 2018-2019, only @'s destitute with shitpost in the discord now.

Nekso  Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 3 Jan 20 at 3:55am
+1 fixed my rank on the forums and would make great staff xd
Fel  VIP 4 Jan 20 at 7:39pm
-1 who the fuck is this dickhead fucking supporting dimitri's house. Like who the fuck does that i rather eat dog shit then work blue lions. You had yellow deer and black eagles but no you pick the fucking blue lions like a dumb piece of shit. Dimitri is an emo piece of shit boy with daddy issues and couldnt get a woman because of these daddy issues a woman could throw herself at him and all he would do is talk about his daddy issues.

He meets fuckboy material as well he gives off fuckboy energy with the emo act he puts on like HOLY FUCKING SHIT he is gay. And then there is you a sack of shit who joins the other 9% of retards who pick his house

Be cool pick yellow deer cluade gets all the bitches and he even has men who will turn gay for him. I dont do dudes but i would totally fuck him PLUS HE HAS FUCKING HILIDA THE LOVELY BITCH SHE IS. SHE MUST BE PROTECTED.

Black eagle might have a bitch obsessed with "her destiny" and a scary looking fucking butler but DORRETHEA IS HOT SHE IS WAIFU AND BERNDETTA MUST BE PROTECTED LIKE HOLY SHIT. Black eagle is cool for making your enemies cry and make them go git gud nub.

+1 tho.

Ick  Infrastructure Supervisor VIP 4 Jan 20 at 7:42pm
walter henry clements

"Get Excited!"- Senku Ishigami, Year 5719
[DEFN] Brand  Community Advisor VIP 7 Jan 20 at 8:37pm
Your application has been accepted.

Please speak to Sakura to organise an interview, as you're both 'Muhricans
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