Confusing warn limit ban, Banned for ban evasion yet I had 1 warn.

Smiley529  Member 3 Feb 20 at 5:52pm
FULL RP Name(s): RES UP LCPL Trigger - SU Private Sephalos

Discord Username: Gerold#7316

Steam ID:

Who banned you?: "Warn Limit"

Date of Ban: 2-2-20

Ban Length: 2 days

Ban Reason: Ban evasion?

Why should you be unbanned? The warning system broke a bit and it said I had 2 active warns when I had one active warn yet that active warn should have been over because it was over 30 hours before this entire thing happened. Basically I got banned because the warn system glitched and my total warns went down from 14 to 7 but my active warns went from 1 to 0 to 2.

Evidence/Other: I don't have evidence
Combean0007  Director of Personnel VIP 4 Feb 20 at 7:50am Edited
Next time give us ID not your profile link. Looking into.

Appeal is reviewed.
Apparently, some part of warn system isn't working properly right now. Recent warn for RDM x2 was replaced with RDM x1. Therefore, ban will be lifted.

NPU CmD Meridian
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