Craftable shotgun

Lolzeta  Member 10 Nov 22 at 3:17pm
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What is your suggestion?

Add a shotgun to the game that can be crafted with the crafting system.

How would this benefit the server?

Would give more options than automatic weapons [and two snipers] to craft system, so, would make it more versatile and we'll see new builds and new gameplay styles with this. Also, giving fresh air to RF/UNION and people who wants to play in their way
bee21  Senior Server Administrator VIP 10 Nov 22 at 3:18pm
its called the .357 snakeshot attatchment

[Image: pou.png]
Lolzeta  Member 10 Nov 22 at 3:23pm
Yes, of course, .357 is close to be a shotgun, but a real shotgun would be great and give more options than a fake shotgun!
bee21  Senior Server Administrator VIP 10 Nov 22 at 3:25pm
erm... no thanks 
[Image: pou.png]

[Image: pou.png]
StumpyPeak80609  Member 10 Nov 22 at 3:53pm
-1 I can only see this hurting recruitment for shotgun classes, UNLESS it was so shitty that it ended up being pointless.
DeerDust  Certified Gamemaster VIP 10 Nov 22 at 4:00pm
+1 but it would have to hit a very specific middle ground of being a bit better than snake shot but worse than class shotguns otherwise it’ll be a bit wack
Dusty514  Member 10 Nov 22 at 4:12pm
Maybe some sort of Single shot shotgun, with fairly low power but a good number of shot types/shells for utility? It’d also have a long time between shots, so you’d have to figure out when the best time to use it would be.
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bee21  Senior Server Administrator VIP 10 Nov 22 at 4:13pm
there are certain reasons why some classes, especially fast ones dont have shotguns

[Image: pou.png]
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SLAYER FREAK  Member 10 Nov 22 at 4:39pm
-1 I don't think Shotgun should be craftable honestly, this would cause quite a Major inbalance within the fighting of server, just imagine fighting against Recons with craftable shotguns, it would be completely fucking chaotic as hell
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