Cuff time nerf. Please.

qwuossoint  Member 5 Jun 22 at 3:23pm Edited
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A: OTA SWORD SqL Spade / NPU RIOT O9 O776 / MP PVT Spade / RU PFC Spade

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A: Spade#8179

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What is your suggestion?
A: Increase of cuff time or some similar change to nerf instant-capturing.

How would this benefit the server?
A: The current cuff system sucks for whoever is the target. The MP/JURY can hold m1, and it will INSTANTLY capture their target with no time to react. While this seems fine from the viewpoint of "just shoot them as they run at you", multiple times have I been in infuriating situations where its not fair in any sense. Heres an example of something that just happened to me.

I run into a contested enemy factory, going down a ladder into the sewers. A MP who was sitting right next to the ladder, unable to be shot from the top, happens to be holding m1. I get instantly cuffed without the ability to retreat up the ladder or reach the bottom to fight or run.

I see situations like those as problematic, to say the least. Some areas only have small, narrow entrances, that are perfect for camping. Especially sewers in most maps, which have small manholes with ladders leading into them. While you could always go with teammates, the 5 people waiting behind that MP in the example above definitely would have been ready for that scenario. Besides, squadmates would have to leave the squad in order to kill you.

I know this has something to do with cuffing hitreg, but having it be instantaneous just doesn't work out, and its especially not fun on the recieving end

EDIT: This also promotes a lack of strategy, after overhearing jury and mp literally just saying "hold w and m1" because if they run in really fast and their capture isnt extremely quick on the trigger, they get capped. They dont need to hide, they dont need to plan their next move or flank or strike at a perfect moment. They just need to know how to click and hold shift + w

I swear I'm not trying to sound passive aggressive I dont hate you
Lord Graycat  VIP 5 Jun 22 at 7:28pm
-1 Adding a cuff timer would not only completely and utterly cripple cuff classes from using what makes their class unique in the field, it would also heavily prevent them from performing their job in base.
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qwuossoint  Member 5 Jun 22 at 7:32pm
I'm not sure if you misunderstood, it isnt like a 1-2 seconds of holding just to cuff, more like a half or 2/3s of a second so its possible for people to actually react if they arent caught off guard.
Big Iron  Certified Gamemaster Infrastructure Moderator 5 Jun 22 at 7:35pm Edited
This is stupid. it would kill these divisions as most people have a greater reaction time than a rock. -1
bee21  Senior Server Administrator VIP 5 Jun 22 at 7:42pm
-1 ping IS the nerf, we dont need anything else to balance the cuffs
Kyle The Killer  Member 5 Jun 22 at 8:17pm
-1 Being an extended member of MP (CO+Honorary) I believe that cuffing is a challenge on it's own, normally, people who are attentive and ready to shoot are more difficult to capture. The simple strategy of W+M1 is invalid but only just barely viable given the speed perks. Cuffing brings about a mental challenge, from taking in the situation, to moving towards the intended target, and finally to either dodge the bullets/sneaking up and cuffing them. Cuffing isn't as simple as many would like to believe, it's its own challenge that thrives off how the user can make use of the surroundings and circumstances. And on the other hand of things, increasing the timer from instantaneous would make cuffing more frustrating than rewarding, especially when you get the opportunity to sneak up on a special class that has a gun you want and the movement makes the cuff-hitreg reset each time they juuuust move out of the way, bringing up another strategy of moving side to side, relying on the MP/Jury's tracking to cuff.
doggod  Member 5 Jun 22 at 8:28pm
Having experienced both sides, I think sometimes the cuffing can be a bit too strong. I don't think adding a cuff timer would be a good way to fix this, but on occasion you can still cap/be capped even after being shot. I've had people angry with me because they say they shot me and I still managed to cuff them, and I've experienced the same thing as someone being capped. Not sure what a proper solution to this could be though.
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Terry  Member 5 Jun 22 at 9:10pm
-1 It makes no sense you want to make players who get punished for letting an MP or JURY get close or get caught off guard to be able to have more time to react?? What were you expecting pushing an MP in a close corridor area or ladder because you cant shoot in mid-air.
send me pictures of your frog  Senior Server Administrator VIP 5 Jun 22 at 9:37pm
cuffing is already hard to do as is with ping. making the cuffing action any longer than instant would make cuff classes awful and infuriating to play as. simply do not get cuffed in future endeavors

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