CvR Boomershit Thread

Destitute the :dab:  Chief Executive Officer VIP 27 Feb 20 at 4:39pm
(27 Feb 20 at 7:11am)DeToXic Wrote: back in my day we only had OTA as a division and MPF wasn't a thing
EOD was also non existent back then because it was a RP concept for High Command Rebels or Staff members
beat that fuckers

combean already did stinky smh

I write stories and lore for a server that's not even RP-based.

It do be kinda fun tho. 

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GUARDIAN  VIP 4 Mar 20 at 9:22am Edited
Back in my day, Kilo had 2 members, wasn't even kilo and Foxtrot was a VIP job.
CVR Reborn was just a twinkle in Sentinel's eye.
Prone Mod in a dark corner was the premiere capture method for "Jailors"
You couldn't have a name till OfC I.
Warface Weapons were stupidly unbalanced.
People would let SWORD's capture them because the shotgun they had was OP.
Razors had cuffs.
The "Lock" NPU CO set of Gridlock, Blackjack, Lockdown, Lockjaw and Mute.
OSS hadn't been a thing.
MACE had actual tryouts.
AIU wasn't added.
Headcrab spam events
You could necksnap in cuffs.
You could give weapons in the squad menu (lmao i almost got perma'd for this cuz okami forgot to patch this loophole)
PMG pre-nerf
UNION had no CMD and was dead above like 04.
Rebel and Combine Discords at one point were not controlled by Management / Infra.
Cuffs could be broken out of.
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Destitute the :dab:  Chief Executive Officer VIP 24 Aug 20 at 8:50pm
back in my day my nuts were fat, now they're ginormous
Shower  Server Administrator VIP 24 Aug 20 at 9:07pm
back in my day you could deploy anything when you wanted
and weapon ranking existed
Kenny  Certified Gamemaster VIP 24 Aug 20 at 9:08pm
back in my day, we had armour chargers

Certified Gamemaster Kenny

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monkey ooh ooh.
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