CvR Boomershit Thread

GravyBoat  VIP 26 Aug 20 at 6:32pm
back in my day i sniped with Sky Dragon as LVET SNP
LordSquabington  Member 27 Aug 20 at 7:30am
Back in my day we had to go to the quartermaster to buy weapons and we didn't have to grind for the attachments
[DEFN] Head Janitor  VIP 27 Aug 20 at 7:32am
Back in my day we had still had the Thicc Crab and super speed prop killing mortars.
Rotten  VIP 27 Aug 20 at 12:42pm
Back when Hackl was EOW DvL

Canals was a prominent map used in the map pool

Warface weaponry

Defn_main had no snow, middle town was open
Monolith  Senior Server Administrator VIP 28 Aug 20 at 10:53pm
Back in my day 14 EOW's in the division was considered a lot
Donte Deliano  Member 2 Sep 20 at 12:18pm
back in my day OSE had Deployment rules, cremator was still a thing, people didnt spawn on points, we spawned at base. and you were lucky if you werent sniped from the wall, on both sides
Lua  VIP 16 Sep 20 at 8:18am
Back in my day DEFN never existed.
Fel  Head Administrator VIP 16 Sep 20 at 8:20am Edited
Back in my day CVR had a bit more drama then it used to be, Im talking BEFORE I became CO, WO, Staff. If you remember the stand off between snek + staff vs Wraith (Old MP CO) of protecting Lucy whom broke rules, then you can be OG

Oh and dont forget the uhh, Old city map where we didnt even have a few of the division shit we have today, Snek was LOR, "Diamondback" And everything was a tad bit shittier but simpler.
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