DeerDust's Gamemaster Application, 2022

DeerDust  VIP 14 May 22 at 3:15am Edited
List all RP Character names
RU TR DeerDust 

EOW REAPER 08 6777

SteamID & Discord Name/Tag


CST, Texas. (Best state) 

List all (if any) previous punishments (Warns/Bans)

All of my punishments are about 2-3 years old, but back then I just got common RDM/FailRP warns with only one ban, which lasted a day. (These are the same punishments I joined GM with 1-2 years ago)

What is your reason(s) for applying for Gamemaster?

My main reason for applying for Gamemaster is because I genuinely miss doing all the events, helping out with CWU shops, etc. It was a fun side-gig and it was almost always pretty entertaining to do, and you also just get to be more involved in the server and help out. It's also nice to see that a lot of old GMs are still in the team, and they weren't all cycled out from time. 

Have you ever been Event Staff or something similar before? If so, list your previous positions.

I've been GM countless times in Gmod servers, and its typically my go-to since the events you are empowered to do are always pretty fun to host. I do forget some of the more short-lived servers sometimes over the years, but this should give you a good idea of my experience.
GM Positions: 

Senior Admin/GM, Star Wars Imperial RP 
GM,  Star Wars Imperial RP (different network)
[NOM] Fallout RP, GM then Admin 
RGN Fallout RP, GM/Moderator
Eclipse FalloutRP, GM
FalloutRP, GM (Forgot it's name it lasted a few days lol) 
And a few more I can't fully remember. 

Describe how you react to negative feedback, from constructive criticism to borderline harassment.

If its constructive criticism aimed to help me improve doing my duties as Gamemaster, I will listen in and see what they have to say. I'll have some dialogue with the person, and ask them what they disliked and what they would like to see from me. I'd thank them for being so upfront but not disrespectful.
For Borderline harassment, I'd understand their concerns but I'd tell them to chill out or relax. Its just a Gmod server in the end, so its not the end of the world. If they continue, I would pull them aside and try to reason with them, If it comes to it, I can report their behavior to their respective COs or just get staff/use the powers vested in GM. This would be a last resort though, and it would have to be quite serious for it to come down to that. 

While planning a server-wide Event you realized that it would make hosting it much easier if you had another Gamemaster assisting you, and manage to get someone to help. Unfortunately 5 minutes before the Event is scheduled to begin, they messaged you and said they would be absent. How do you proceed?

If this situation were to occur, I'd probably just try to get someone else to help me, be it a staff member or another Gamemaster. If anyone is available, I will ask if they can help out. If no other GMs/Staff are available at all on the server, I can postpone it if I think its needed. Quality should be assured, and if its server-wide than its even more important. 

While planning an Event, you decide to test some of the tools you think would be helpful. You go to the admin room, and start to experiment. Unfortunately, while testing with some NPCs the server crashed. How do you react?

I'd report what possibly caused the crash to a higher-ranked GM or just post it in GM chat. I'd provide any evidence I might have gotten in the moment like clips or maybe even a screenshot, and I compile all of it so hopefully the situation can be resolved by the bug being fixed. I would take responsibility if I believe it was solely on me. 

An NCO has finished training a Recruit, but there are no COs or Staff online to provide the whitelist. What do you do?

In this situation, I'd just give the whitelist to the Recruit and also briefly make sure he was properly trained. When I used to be a GM, this is how I would have dealt with the situation back then. 

While hosting a server-wide Event you have implemented a RP section where players can interact with a computer in order to open a door. Unexpectedly, a CO decides that they would rather that door stay closed (Presumably so that the other side cannot continue), and orders that the computer be destroyed. Given that the door is essential to progressing your event, how do you react?

In this situation, I find it distasteful to completely discredit a side's RP even if it hurts the event. I'd let the terminal be destroyed, but the other side can somewhat easily find a way to open the door without the terminal. This should satisfy both sides and keep the event flowing. A more drastic path of action may ruin the experience of the event and dampen spirits. 

While hosting a server-wide Event, a CmD/MAJ decides that they dislike it, and begin to openly attempt to get players to refuse to participate. This reaches the point that there are almost no players participating on one side. How do you resolve the situation?

If this were to occur, I'd first reevaluate the event and possibly change potential rewards to be more enticing or change up the event to be more entertaining. After I've done this, I would pull the CmD/MAJ aside and tell him to stop disrupting the event. Punishment might be handed out like just a kick, but thats on the extreme end of the spectrum and it would probably stop when I pull them aside. 

After hosting a server-wide Event, you are in the middle of a post-event Debrief when the COs present tell you to stop hosting your DB so they can host theirs. How do you react?

I would tell them to let me finish up, and when I'm done with all the necessities I'd pass the DB to them. When I'm done saying whats needed to be said, they can have the rest since they asked. 

What permissions do Gamemasters have, both inside and outside of Events?
Outside events:
basic whitelisting when needed to, coloring, CWU scanners/general help, getting people unstuck, and brainwashing. There is probably more but this should be the jist of it mostly.
Inside events: 
Using whitelists for the event if needed, NPCs, vehicles, headcrab canisters, props, signs, toolgun, pills, etc. Your access to some of these items might be restricted depending on your Gamemaster rank.

For ULX commands/features, it can be used when you are responding to a sit or when hosting events. 

While preparing to host an Event, you notice that there are 3 vehicles deployed, and that the server is lagging a bit because of that. What do you do?

I would tell both sides to not deploy any further vehicles, especially when the event is underway. They can keep the vehicles temporarily when the event is being set up, but vehicles will be restricted when the event starts for performance issues. 

Describe your design process of Events prior to queuing them.

First of all, I'd brainwash or come up with some kind of idea. I'd then test out some of the mechanics and features in-game in the admin room and see how the event would work. I test weapons, pills, etc. When I have properly conceptualized a event idea and I think that it is reasonable, I would queue it for inspection. When I'm brainstorming, I could also talk to fellow GMs or staff to get concepts and fresh ideas. Getting a new perspective could help you make creative and entertaining events.

Create three Event ideas and describe them below. Be as detailed as you feel necessary. Originality is appreciated, and a lack of details will be penalized.


What lies below...
Map: Stalker.
Neutral - both factions + Anarchists may attend. 
In the tunnels and sewers of Stalker lays a paramilitary, comprised of Mercenaries and rogue MPF units. They are openly hostile towards the local Combine in the region, and to the Resistance Cell. They have a major FoB set up in the sewers, with patrols scouring the topside looking for rebels/Combine to scavenge off of for supplies. In the FoB, there is supplies, weapons, and the deeper you go the more armed the paramilitary is. At the entrance you might encounter light weapons like revolvers and SMGs, and deeper down you will be ambushed by shotgunner units hiding in corners and AR2 rifles firing at you. 
Before the paramilitary FoB is ready to be attacked, both sides will have short event DBs to explain to them the situation. The faction that secures the NPC FoB first gets 5,000 resources and possibly event weapons, depending on how many people attend the event. 
Event Rules:
No OSS, EOD, or Assassins in event areas. Too good against NPCs. 
No Hunters/combine drones may enter the event area. (It would be down in the tunnels, which is why I'm not including jeeps or aircraft). 

Antlion Infestation
Map: C13
Neutral - Both factions + Anarchists may attend. 
Announcements and overlook messages scream across the war-torn city. Antlions have dug in all across the streets, causing gigantic 20-feet mounds to be constructed and inflicting casualties on both sides of the war. It appears most of the city's Thumpers have failed since the fighting stopped daily life, causing combine and rebel outposts alike to be over run with Antlions. Overrun outposts now lay scattered across the city, harboring armor, weapons, and health vials for those who dare try to obtain them.  
Event Rules: 
N/A. This is supposed to be atmospheric and provide a secondary objective for those who want loot or weapons, and as such no strong rules will be put in place. 
Armor Connoisseur 
Map: All 
Neutral - Both factions + Anarchists may attend/attack. 
A mysterious Caravan of about 3-4 men (2-3 guards, 1 merchant) is seen going through the area. They seem to have large amounts of protective gear in stock, both for Rebels and Combine. Rebels may buy armor that is akin to their Rogue Unit regiment and Combine may buy armor that looks like a mix between OTA and MPF (its the old MPF DvL model if you know it).
Both factions have the right to recognize that a third-party having large amounts of their armor could be a concern, and have a right to intervene. Either faction can fire upon the Caravan, but the Caravan will put up a good fight. Shields, LMGs, and shotguns will be used to defend the Merchant. 

Event Rules/prices:
Rebel/Combine base armor: 2000 Credits - Stock of 8 (Grants 400 Armor and model) 
Rebel/Combine Reinforced armor: 5000 credits - Stock of 5 (Grants 600 armor and model) 

Both factions may fire upon the Caravan. The faction that wipes out the caravan will be rewarded with the weapons and equipment that the guards were using. 

How often do you think GMs should host events?
In my opinion, GMs should host events 2-3 times a week. Exceptions may apply, but generally this should be the baseline for GM activity in my eyes. 

Do you understand and accept the following clause: I will not leak Staff or Gamemaster information, I will not abuse my powers, and I will not break the Gamemaster rules.

I understand and accept the clause above.

Do you understand the basics of using ULX? List what you know.

I have been a GM before in DEFN and used ULX in many other networks. I hope you can trust I have some experience with it, but I'll list some common ULX comands.
!goto <Player>
!bring <Player>
!hp <Player> #
!armor <Player> # (up to 255 unless different in CvR)
!cloak # (Or !cloak <Player> #)
!noclip (Or !noclip <Player>)

When I say #, its referring to that you can place a number there and the command will respond to it. using the @ system where <Player> usually is will target the person infront of you, ^ will automatically target yourself, and * will target everyone on the server. * is very dangerous, Aithaed shows lol 

Thanks for reading, DeerDust rises again 

Stoofer  Server Moderator VIP 14 May 22 at 7:52pm
+1 chill guy pretty active and good events
Mr. Daddy  Server Moderator VIP 17 May 22 at 7:12pm
+1 Very nice guy to everyone and is always helpful to people around the server. Very fresh event ideas that sound fun
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Big Iron  Certified Gamemaster Infrastructure Moderator 17 May 22 at 9:31pm
I love this guys app. +1000. I really haven had any experience with you but you seem like a nice guy. (+1)
ozz12231  Certified Gamemaster VIP 18 May 22 at 12:47pm Edited
Stinky deerdust ew -1(jk)
+1 been active the last couple of months and he is a chad man
RussTime  Certified Gamemaster VIP 20 May 22 at 7:27pm
Good application, events 1 and 3 are really nice but number 2 is pretty basic. Your 3rd event seems like a good idea for a shop (however doing shops doesn't count as an event for GMs) and your first event is a good idea on getting people to work together no matter what faction they are in. Nice guy, very nice time zone (Texas best). 


Discord: RussTime#9208 (dm me if you need anything or have a question
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