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DeerDust  Certified Gamemaster 31 Jul 20 at 7:24am Edited
Full Ingame Name(s)
OVA FOXTROT AC-IV 09 6777, FH HECU PVT DeerDust, and T7 Associate Technician DeerDust.

SteamID & Discord Name/Tag

What Region are you located in? What's your timezone?
The great old' state of Texas and my timezone is CST.

Previous Punishments?
I think just Some warns, I remember I got banned for RDM when I first joined like a year or two ago. 

What's your reason for becoming Gamemaster?
My reasoning for putting this application out to the world is because it seems like CvR is trying to become more RP-oriented and I suspect that GMs will be needed more. Also, cause hosting events sounds Kewl as fuck and the Half-life universe has a lot of possibility for great events. ( I used to be a GM on a SW Imperial server, I made some great events but I was confined to mostly just "Oh no! Rebels are attacking the star destroyer! Report to MHB to kill 50 NPCs!")

Have you ever been Event Staff or anything similar on other servers? If so please list below.
I used to be a GM on a Star Wars Imperial RP, and a Fallout RP. I also have almost 8k hours in Gmod. (Wasn't really interested in staff/GM for a while, but now that I have way more experience I feel like I'm a good candidate.)

Explain how you take criticism from other people, from constructive to border-line harassment.
I would say I take criticism pretty well. I've been on the internet for long enough for me to barely get affected by harassment. But, in general, if it's constructive and teaches me something (like how to do events better) I'll be thankful for it. If it's bordering just insults and doesn't help at all, I'll mostly just ignore it. 

A Combine CmD has openly expressed their distaste for an event you're doing at that moment. It has gotten to the point where he is actively disrupting your event. What is your course of action?
If that were to happen, I would weigh whether the CmD is right and there is something wrong with the event, or if he just dislikes it cause personal preference. (a lot of people dislike how sometimes events take away people to fight). If there was something wrong with the event I would try to fix it mid-event or end the event prematurely. If he just dislikes it and nothing is really wrong with the event and people are enjoying it, I would just get him to stop and continue with the event.

A Resistance Fighter starts PMing you with some questions about a recent event you've done. However, because you were AFK, he has started harassing you. What is your course of action?
I tell the RF that I was AFK and had to do something. If he backs down and decides to ask me these questions in an acceptable manner, I'll of course answer everything and take criticism. If he doesn't  I just ignore it depending on the situation.

What are GM's permissions both inside and outside of events?
Inside events, they can do everything they need to set up and execute the event. NPCs, props, getting event characters set up, etc. 
Outside events, they can't really do much. most shit is handled by the staff, not the GMs. I'm fairly certain they can help with some things, but not much.

You are hosting an important Post-Event DB and all of a sudden, the CO's ask you to leave so they can do their DB and exclude yours. What is your course of action?
If this were to happen, I would nicely say no and conclude my DB normally. after I'm done if the COs want to do something they can do it.

A Gamemaster who said he would be assisting you in an event later on today hasn't shown up and now the event is running behind schedule. What should you do?
Unless its absolutely needed that we get this event done ASAP, I would just postpone it and DM the other GM about it. if he says he can't help for whatever reason, I'll ask another GM or do it solo. (if the GM says he will be ready in like 5-10 minutes ill postpone it)

After getting a green light on an event, you notice there are 3 vehicles deployed at once. It is causing a little lag, what is your course of action?
Just so the lag doesn't spoil the event, I wait 10 minutes until the vehicles start dying and are dwindled down to an acceptable amount. Then, I proceed with the event. Patience

What's the process GM's take before making events, from start to finish. (This is what YOU think)
1. Ask for permission to do an event from senior GMs+
2. Wait for acceptance
3. Set up the event in-game
4. get the show on the road!

A Resistance Captain is openly criticizing your event when he isn't in the event itself. It has gotten to the point where he is interrupting your important adverts relating to the event. What should you do?
Firstly, I would just PM him to cease in a kind manner. Most people will just stop after that. But, if more action is needed, we can get a mute on him for as long as needed.

How often do you think GM's should host events?
I think sub-daily, so like 2-3 times a week. Anything more and its too many events, anything less and you're being a tad inactive.

List three events that you might do if you get accepted (DETAILED AND BE ORIGINAL) [Campaigans and RP Situations are EXCLUDED]

Lethal Malfunction: 
A Combine barrage of Headcrab canisters have a malfunction, and land all over the battlefield. Some in combine occupied points, some in rebel territory. Both sides have to fight this third side entering the battle, adding a twist to combat.
A set of 6-12 Headcrab canisters would land around the map that has Headcrabs loaded in them (maybe 6-12 per canister) and start attacking both sides. both factions will get an equal amount of Headcrab canisters set their way.
1. Obviously no ceasefires to kill the Headcrabs.
2. CWU/scavs could scavenge the canisters after the Headcrabs are killed for resources.

The Grand Heist:
an MPF platoon has decided to defect and is now stealing combine weaponry! Will the traitors be allowed to pull off such a feat, or will the combine stop them?
4 people who volunteer to be event characters are given the resistance metro cop model, 500 HP, and a gun of their choosing. They will defend the weapons locker for 5 minutes and then have to escape after it's done.
1. combine can always come back after they died, but the event characters can't.
2. Handpicked units cant be deployed to put down this threat.
3. Man hacks/roller mines cant be used.

Aerial Reinforcements:
The combine have called in air support! 2-3 hunter choppers will rain down bombs on anti-citizens!
2-3 people in hunter chopper pills will do bombing runs on rebel points with the droppable HC bombs. Certain rebels may be given HL2 RPGs to shoot them down. they will only be up for 10 minutes at most. (if lag ensues we will stop the event early.)
1. The rebels can not use the HL2 RPGs to fight infantry. 
2. the combine (or the GM) may call off the HCs early if combine have pushed up enough.
3. no normal combine aircraft may be deployed (foxtrot will get first picks at the HC pills) so then lag doesn't ensue.

Do you understand and accept the following clause: I will not leak staff information in gamemaster channels or otherwise. I will not abuse my powers in-game or otherwise. I must add [DEFN] to my steam username as soon as I get accepted.
I understand and accept it. 

Do you understand the basics of ULX? (If so, list basic commands below)

quick note: my activity is quite sub-par at the moment, but if i get this accepted my ass will be all over CvR for a while.
consul.  Member 16 Aug 20 at 10:27pm
+1 if you don't retarded pls kthx also please be more serious don't do a Kenny since only Kenny can do a kenny
PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 17 Aug 20 at 7:28am
Interesting Event Concepts along with Good Answers. I do recommend adding some Zombies alongside the Headcrab Canisters though as the Headcrabs can't actually infect anyone themselves. +1.


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Gizmo  Member 17 Aug 20 at 7:58am
+1 cool cat
Echos  Server Administrator Trial Gamemaster VIP 17 Aug 20 at 11:28am
+1, neato answers and cool events

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Kenny McCormick  Head Gamemaster VIP 17 Aug 20 at 6:28pm

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DeerDust  Certified Gamemaster 20 Aug 20 at 12:19pm
pog momento
yeah after writing this application i did go on a break and became a console normie for 20 days but now im back
as stated above my activity will skyrocket if i get accepted so yeah just a heads up
GM = pog?/11!
Clash  VIP 25 Aug 20 at 6:43pm

Contact me on discord for an interview!!!!11!! staff!!

Contact a Senior Gamemaster for training

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