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Optimore  Member 11 Sep 19 at 3:26am
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A: MPF GRID SqL Thirteen, NPU RIOT 05 1636, C4 Head Technician Heckler, MP PFC O'Reilly

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A: Optimore#3120

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A: STEAM_0:0:43698631

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A: As templates, gm_chaparral ( and gm_carcass (

What is your suggestion?
A: The next custom map ought to be a gigantic open desert area. One straight highway going through the entire map, with gas station and a small town attached to it in the middle. Put an old military base with underground bunkers on one end as the combine spawn and an old airstrip with a graveyard of rusted plane hulks as the rebel spawn on the other end, fill the rest of the empty space out with lots of abandoned and worn-out desert eye candy. Big dishes and meteorological equipment, a police station, mesas, nuclear waste dumped in craters and dried-up riverbeds (ala Fallout: New Vegas), a big rusted-out container ship carcass (assets for which can be taken from gm_carcass- it's on a CC 3.0 License). Anything goes, as long as the long sightlines get broken up with lots of stuff.

How would this benefit the server?
A: We've already got 1 forested wilderness map and a pair of city maps, a desert environment's a good change of pace and seems pretty easy to do (since it'd be mostly flat).
Destitute the :dab:  Affairs Counselor Certified Gamemaster 11 Sep 19 at 3:37am
I like the idea of a desert map, but there'll have to be a combination of structures and natural landmass (hills and such) in order to make the sightlines less clear and more bearable for those who aren't snipers.
Tora  Member 11 Sep 19 at 11:07am Edited | Reason: Forgot info
+1 It's a pretty neat take on the maps, in the history of CvR I havnt seen a desert themed map, a big wide open map with large sand dunes resembling hills, combine structures, HL2 structures making it very interesting and hard for people to camouflage effectively, this puts a new twist on ground and vehicle game play that makes this a valid option, also depending if there is an airfield that could also introduce fixed wing aircraft to make an appearance in this environment with the airfield. Also I noticed a bonus thing in desert maps is that you dont have to put a lot, you just have to be clever and it makes things less laggy and therefore you can expand and space things out nicely.
[DEFN] Sentinel  President 11 Sep 19 at 11:13am
But if such a map were to be made, how would you suggest we stop snipers from completely dominating (considering it's a wide open map)
DeToXic  Certified Gamemaster Server Moderator VIP 11 Sep 19 at 11:23am
The dunes could serve as cover for units, or you can make cave systems for more CQC based units. Make flanking routes, add up some villages arround or make a in-working feature where sandstroms appear randomly time to time.

This is just a sum you can work on with the devs, sentinel. It's just up to you and the devs to make snipers less annoying and make the map fun but also wide open.
Tora  Member 11 Sep 19 at 4:05pm Edited
@Sentinel You could do an underground lab like the one from the hydroelectric plant blackmesa east or black mesa and a cave system/tunnels system like DeToxic mentioned.
Shower  Member 11 Sep 19 at 5:09pm
-1 Hey guise welcome to my desert map tutorial
we make a plane in hammer
we give it a desert texture
we model a single shitty hill or landmark
it's done
I much rather prefer a canyon map because like what sent said these maps tend to be a flat piece of paper with 0 cover
Stalk  VIP 11 Sep 19 at 6:13pm
people already complain enough about snipers on a city map and a outlands map, "hey maybe a desert wont be so bad".
[DEFN] madpro187  Member 11 Sep 19 at 7:30pm
gonna lean twords +1 due to the idea, tho the issue of snipers is a big problemo and i trust that the devs can fix that issue, buildings can be added yes yes, also E
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