Desert Map Suggestion

The War Machine  VIP 11 Sep 19 at 9:20pm
(11 Sep 19 at 11:07am)Tora Wrote: +1 It's a pretty neat take on the maps, in the history of CvR I havnt seen a desert themed map, a big wide open map with large sand dunes resembling hills, combine structures, HL2 structures making it very interesting and hard for people to camouflage effectively, this puts a new twist on ground and vehicle game play that makes this a valid option, also depending if there is an airfield that could also introduce fixed wing aircraft to make an appearance in this environment with the airfield. Also I noticed a bonus thing in desert maps is that you dont have to put a lot, you just have to be clever and it makes things less laggy and therefore you can expand and space things out nicely.

Actually we did have a desert map before a long time ago.

(11 Sep 19 at 11:13am)[DEFN] Sentinel Wrote: But if such a map were to be made, how would you suggest we stop snipers from completely dominating (considering it's a wide open map)

The last time we did a desert map, FOV was reduced by the constant sandstorm that we had on the map. This could be a good way to stop snipers dominating.
*Though, for some reason, snipers have this unique ability to kill people outside their FOV.*

I would +1 this. Besides, irl deserts actually tend to have a lot of hills(almost too much in the context of a good CvR map). Steps will have to be taken to ensure that there are many places where different types of combat can take place.
Towns: CQC, hit and run/guerilla warfare, garrisons
Open desert(still with some cover): Long range combat/sniper duels, ground vehicle engagements
Caves or some other type of underground system: Same thing as towns pretty much
[DEFN] Angry little man  VIP 12 Sep 19 at 8:28am
Beta works was a good map but dominated by snipers and it was a desert if u can solve snipers then +1
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