Do Not Remove cvr_definitive_city_v2

mint julep  VIP 4 Feb 21 at 2:44pm
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What is your suggestion?

Just because we are adding another very good (by popular opinion) city map, does not mean that we should remove the other similar city map currently in rotation.

How would this benefit the server?

If you'll indulge me for a second, I would like to point out something. The majority of complaints surrounding any map have to do with two key things. Snipers, and shotguns. This is at least what I have noticed. You will get these complaints from both sides of the server, huffing and puffing about how this map is "too good for snipers", or makes "shotguns op". Thus I believe it's within reason to say that neither of these is a good reason to remove a map.

So how does this relate to the change of map rotation?

Like any map, cvr_definitive_city_v2
has its flaws. The vehicle play is more difficult and the skybox is odd. These are, however, complaints that are few and far between as the general consensus surrounding this map is mostly positive. While the addition of another wonderful city map is a great thing, I do not believe that just because they are both similar means that one should be removed. Both maps, while aesthetically similar, have a fairly different feel for how they play. On cvr_city_final_v2 almost nothing obstructs a vehicle from plowing through the center of combat and shifting the odds. On cvr_definitive_city_v2 the odds shift away from snipers and vehicles to CQB classes.

Even if you disagree with my reasoning, there is no reason that these maps should be mutually exclusive. The more maps on rotation, even if some people don't like some, means more variation in day to day gameplay. Ultimately keeping CvR a more fresh and enjoyable experience for new and returning players.

Disagree? Please reply and we can discuss.
TheJC  Developer VIP 4 Feb 21 at 2:48pm
+9000000, I'm not sure the general opinion of this map is positive at all given the time we were on it permanently, I do however love this map and would like to keep playing on it.

I'm sure it shares a lot of the same assets as the map its being replaced with so the content wouldn't be expanded too much if we keep both!
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Kenny McCormick  Head Gamemaster VIP 4 Feb 21 at 2:50pm
I do like the map, mainly because of catapults and such, and keeping more maps in the cycle is great for server freshness and combat.

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BOT Pieswick  VIP 4 Feb 21 at 2:52pm
Vehicles on that map, personally, are absolute hell. Not only is every major road ridden with so much debris that a T90 is essentially nullified, the skybox is small, the map is fucking tiny and the train thing blocks 3/4 of a helicopters rockets. Additionally, a majority of the maps are, surprisingly, not sided to one class. Even outlands has it's combat often focused on CQC areas, and city 13 has opportunities for sniping. However, defn city has very limited sniping opportunities, due to many paths being blocked by props.

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Schizm  VIP 4 Feb 21 at 2:55pm
-1 the map is too restricting for all classes imo except for cqc ones so i dont think it needs a come back


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Bel1ve.  VIP 4 Feb 21 at 2:57pm Edited
-1 very bad map

Very cramped with little space to move about, also having invisible walls in the sky that block roof to roof engagement.
The map itself is not even that big tbh therefore it is already not that great of a map, to begin with (IMO)
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Anti yes  Member 4 Feb 21 at 3:01pm Edited
-1 ova and techs basically go into a great depression whenever city v2 is brought up

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Ironic Neutral  VIP 4 Feb 21 at 3:30pm

people are really complaining about this map for being too cqc and then dont say anything about sniper hell outlands? LMAO. Defn city is chaotic and fun and i dont have to wait for action because theres fighting every 2 inches of map. This map is fucking amazing
BOT Pieswick  VIP 4 Feb 21 at 3:39pm
Did you actually play outlands? Or are you just assuming based on what you've seen? Because if you play for more than 5 seconds, you realise how a hella lot of time is spent in the bunker, flanks easily defeat snipers and just spawn on squad leads in bunker.

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