Does CvR need an official canon story-line or lore?

Woorj07  Member 14 May 20 at 3:34pm
I have been collecting various info from different perspectives of CvR for some time now and I was wondering if with all this CvR history that actually happened could be officially published into the main server or forums. I have seen some ideas here that come out and was wondering if these stories could be pieced together. What could be done is having the events of CvR that are non-fiction and fictional ideas of CvR be placed together, a sort of timeline that could be presented. However, this would be very difficult as the change-logs of the server would depend on the environment and actions taking place. If this were to happen, of course, approval from the Staff/Owner would be needed which high standards would be faced by the community. The previous game modes of CvR could also connect with the IC history such as WW1 RP or the Dark RP. I have a feeling in my gut that this cannot turn out well as some of CvR's secrets must be kept a secret and that the publishing of the story could ruin the game mode of CvR as a whole with the RP aspect being placed which people would be aware of and then we would turn out like any other HL2 RP server which could be a disaster. I am not sure if this could happen or not but I am asking for your thoughts, so, 

What do you think?
Valiance  Member 14 May 20 at 3:36pm
Nah mate we're kinda just vibing
Juan  Member 14 May 20 at 3:42pm
J i b e
[DEFN] Pyro Shark  Head Gamemaster VIP 14 May 20 at 4:32pm
i've been working on a general lore, it'll most likely be released alongside the new map and/or some other future updates. if you wish to help feel free to contact me
Archimedes  Certified Gamemaster 14 May 20 at 4:42pm
Most of the GM's have been trying to make a story,its not as easy as you think
[DEFN] Aithead  Affairs Counselor Certified Gamemaster 14 May 20 at 5:13pm
I feel like it is necessary to note that CvR's lore does not have to follow any predetermined HL2RP-set precedent, which gives us quite a lot of freedom in these regards.

So uh yeah. It's an ongoing project. As Shark said, if you've got ideas send em to an SGM who isn't me, i'm busy with other projects.
DeToXic  Certified Gamemaster VIP 15 May 20 at 5:51am
cvr doesnt need any lore
like fr, the server at this point is a tdm fest
DeToXic  Certified Gamemaster VIP 15 May 20 at 5:56am
its cool and all but i doubt itll do anything than just lay dead on the sea of CvR content
i could help you with it shark but its unlikely people will even care
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