Don't limit the new shops just to civilians

Clash  VIP 21 Mar 20 at 9:35am Edited
FULL RP Name(s):
A: KGB Leader Joseph Stalin / CWU Joseph

Discord Username:
A: TheSlouchmeister#1767

Steam ID:
A: STEAM_1:1:219272507

Workshop Link: (If applicable)
A: also no

What is your suggestion?
A: Give anarchists access to the new shops with the crates. This doesn't mean you should remove the civilian privileges entirely but it would be nice if you didn't have to switch off anarchist just to make a shop, and lose your weapon.

How would this benefit the server?
A: It would be one of the much-needed boosts to anarchists and I'm sure would increase our numbers as they have been stagnant recently. There is no reason why they aren't on anarchist, because who goes on civilian anyway? All this does is just make the anarchist players switch off from anarchist and risk losing their spot. I'm sure other anarchist "mains" can support this point even more when they comment as well.

- slouchmeister guy 
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Archimedes  VIP 21 Mar 20 at 9:36am
Why cant we have it KGB and other Anarchist factions need more respect and as of now there no fun

Proud Ballista Commander and Sexy Bastard 
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Clash  VIP 21 Mar 20 at 9:37am
grunkle asking for respect is a bit much, I mean c'mon we are fucking retards who run around pretending to be the USSR

- slouchmeister guy 
Luka Hellthorn  Certified Gamemaster VIP 21 Mar 20 at 9:37am
I see no reason not to. Anarhists are also civilians.
lilperk  Member 21 Mar 20 at 9:39am
+1 We should be able to get crates as well and sell things or even steal from shops would be something
squanchy  Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 21 Mar 20 at 10:08am
It was a thing in the beginning, but we feared that anarchists would fight over crates w their pewpew guns
Clash  VIP 21 Mar 20 at 10:36am
and thats a bad thing?

- slouchmeister guy 
Captain McGee  Member VIP 21 Mar 20 at 11:04am
+1, anarchs pulling out guns to claim crates is a risk they take in case a rebel or combine unit comes around. Also the RP would kinda be cool.
I can see a lot of funny moments when two civs eye a crate and then one of them pulls out a gun.
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Tank  Member 21 Mar 20 at 11:25am
+1 sound cool and fun.
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