Good Ol' Garry  Member 13 May 20 at 8:03pm Edited
FULL RP Name(s): 
OTA SWORD 06 7863

Discord Username:
Mr. Quacks#4974

Steam ID

Who banned you?
I do not know.

Date of Ban:

Ban Length:
I do not know.

Ban Reason:
I believe I was banned for spawning two vehicles, a Couch Car, and a Duke, during a glitch where the Whitelists were messed up.

Why should you be unbanned?
I did not ram anybody, I tried to contact administrators about the fact that I could, I really think I screwed up here, and when I found out I could, I didn't report it immediately, and played around with it, (I did delete it after the fact, though.) and that is my fault, I promise that this will never happen again. This is my first offense so I didn't know how dumb I was being and due to my ignorance this is my punishment. Please, I promise it won't happen again. And I take full responsibility for my actions.

Juan  Member 13 May 20 at 8:04pm
+1 got banned for it too myself, curiousity killed us dude, it killed the cats PepeHands
Good Ol' Garry  Member 13 May 20 at 8:04pm Edited
Curiosity killed the cat.

And our curiosity got us punished.
Poison  VIP 13 May 20 at 8:09pm
@juans second alt account yo wtf
Dodgy  Head Administrator VIP 13 May 20 at 9:13pm

User has been unbanned. 
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