Eduardo's Ban Appeal

Eduardo Canales  Member 14 Jun 20 at 7:10pm
FULL RP Name(s): Cum Rock / 1112 / Eduardo

Discord Username: Eduardo Canales from Eagle Pass#3211

Steam IDSTEAM_0:1:54593530

Who banned you?: No clue.

Date of Ban: 6/14/2020

Ban Length: Perm.

Ban Reason: Hacking, Bhop

Why should you be unbanned?: Both of these reason are false.

Evidence/Other: This isn't evidence but it is funny.
Game Boy  VIP 14 Jun 20 at 7:13pm
+1 was using scroll wheel bhop and only when not in combat.

also wallhacks what?
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Archimedes  VIP 14 Jun 20 at 7:14pm
Tbh your K/D wasnt even good so idk how you were wall hacking as the ban reason said,and after watching this video the Bhops matched up they werent scripts but they still were 'artifical' in a sense
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Nekso  Developer Senior Infrastructure Moderator 14 Jun 20 at 7:25pm Edited
You were banned for possible wallhacks and bhop scripting. If you can show some actual proof that be pretty cool tho ngl. I would put the proof here but idk if I am allowed to soo.. i'll just let Vexeer know.
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Clash  VIP 14 Jun 20 at 8:11pm

He was gaming with us. If he had wallhacks, you would think he would actually call out people...

- slouchmeister guy 
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Kenny McCormick  Head Gamemaster VIP 14 Jun 20 at 9:26pm
Never knew him, he sucks at PvP from what i hear, gamer
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interior like suicide wrist-rags
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