EU Port?

Pat  Member 9 May 21 at 3:17pm
The more content the server gets the more ping us europeans have, for example, a few months ago i was at an average of 150 ping, and now its about 180. What im trying to say is that the server has so much content its becoming unbearable to play if you arent in the same country or in the near area of the server.
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[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 9 May 21 at 3:25pm Edited
Couple things to say;
1. Idk if this is supposed to be a suggestion or just a comment on this, but it's neither formatted correctly nor in the correct location to be considered a suggestion.
2. Due to modifications the server has had, every player's ping is heavily inflated. Specifically, this is due to the Tickrate being decreased to a very small number for performance reasons. Basically, Your Ping Is Not Accurate.
BOT Pieswick  VIP 9 May 21 at 3:35pm
so as a brit bong, my ping is fine. the servers tab menu is unreliable, but it's perfectly fine to play.

[Image: tfYXj5W.jpg]
oogasboogas  VIP 9 May 21 at 3:46pm Edited
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Valiant  VIP 9 May 21 at 5:28pm
Move to 'merica and listen to american rap song to get a good ping

Terry  Member 9 May 21 at 5:31pm
Maybe it because you have a EU gaming chair not a American one
Lunar Frost  Member 10 May 21 at 2:37am
I agree with pat about this, It would really help cuz some kills are just unjustified, you can literally kill someone even when they are behind cover cuz of high ping, so maybe making 2 separate servers one fore NA and one for EU would probably solve the ping problem
Woorj07  Server Moderator Member 10 May 21 at 3:01am
My ping spikes up and down when I'm on the server usually averaging about 270. Not sure if DEFN would be able to afford an EU port, the server doesn't have that much content like your average Zombie Survival server or even the HL2 RP servers. Even if we would slap a sticker on the server as EU there would be a language barrier there as the players there would most likely consist of foreigners.
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