Excerpts from Reflections on the Union

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Excerpts from Reflection on the Union

The following book is an incomplete collection of a lost account on the Uprising Era and the Combine

It is unknown who the author is nor their current status

- Dr Henry Volkus, PhD in Combine History


At time of writing this, it has been 30 or so years since the end of the Uprising, or as the Combine had originally referred to it, the Socio-Pandemic. The Lambda Rebellion’s change to that of an international peace-keeping force was certainly a surprise given the power vacuum that had formed, to a cynical individual, the world was ripe for the taking. Perhaps years of international enslavement under an alien empire caused a collective disgust for a totalitarian state and the suppression of human rights. Or maybe it’s because they knew that installing a new regime would only cause another Uprising. 

But I go too much into speculation and theory of the current affairs, and that is far from this book’s intention. For the sake of anonymity and personal safety, I will refrain from referring myself by any particular rank, number or name, that information will be kept secret as the Lambda Council has dictated under their laws [1]

Hopefully, Breen’s Syndrome [2] will allow me to recall information with enough clarity as to put it into writing without confusing you, my dear reader. 

I promise this will not be littered with Combine propaganda as many Neo-Unionists [3] may be hoping, though I cannot guarantee a completely unbiased perspective. Despite my numerous augmentations, I am still human in mind and body. 

Historians Notes
[1]. Under Lambda Council Edict 229 (20XX), all former and uncharged Combine Military Personnel are granted complete anonymity should they elect to take it. The intention was to re-integrate them into society with as little road bumps as possible. 

[2]. A common issue that plagues augmented humans from the Uprising Era due to the nature of Combine cybernetics. The materials used were not created for long-term use (an estimated life-span of 15 years) and cause deterioration in the surrounding muscles, nerves, as well as bone. 

[3]. Neo-Unionism is a political ideology and group which wishes to re-connect with the Universal Union. It is unknown how many, if any, of the Neo-Unionists are former Combine soldiers or simply sympathisers. 

I write stories and lore for a server that's not even RP-based.

It do be kinda fun tho. 

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Please, I want more

I hope my GM application gets accepted!
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It's not porn wtf
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Who could've imagined a man could write smut fanfiction and lore material at the same time. God bless you Aussie cunt.
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