fastmag attachment is a placebo and no one has noticed due to mass schizophrenia

Woorj07  Server Administrator Member 28 Jan 22 at 1:22pm
>be me
>play CvR
>get kill get attachment get next gun
>don't care about attachments
>buy perks I don't use
Etzil  VIP 28 Jan 22 at 7:22pm
to be fair the mp5a5 fastmag hasn't worked in ages
i've tested it
does nothing
anyway your mom + ratio + rebel win lol
yeatlover44  Member 28 Jan 22 at 11:05pm
(28 Jan 22 at 1:24am)Shower Wrote: the gay perk exists I"M TELLING YOU

4 hands too much speed cost i will die and also no access to pin cushion so i can win forever
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