Fix player count bot please

Game Boy  VIP 9 May 21 at 4:43am
I wanna see how many people are on

[Image: Screenshot_20210509-043953.png]

Its been 78 hours and 3 minutes
Fasko  Director of Infrastructure 9 May 21 at 6:06am
suck deez nuts and use our crappy landing page instead
it'll be fixed soontm
OrangeTango  Certified Gamemaster VIP 9 May 21 at 7:55am
Anchajduauxj j£:£7,£;£:&3(7777££;7jshvuuwjdjf
oogasboogas  Server Administrator Infrastructure Moderator VIP 9 May 21 at 11:34am

Cross Man
Watchman Guy

Kenny McCormick  Head Gamemaster VIP 16 May 21 at 11:41pm
286 hours 40 minutes since last seen appearance

CvR bot has not been identified nor found by the police. They have leads, but they seem weak.
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TheJC  VIP 18 May 21 at 2:46pm
Schizm  VIP 18 May 21 at 3:39pm



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