Frost report (i really hate him please ban him please please please please)

BOT Pieswick  VIP 29 Jul 21 at 8:32pm Edited
FULL RP Name(s): MPF CROSS CmD Dread / Massive Cock Beholder

Discord Username: MyBallsItch#12439213

Steam ID: FrostIsHoriffic

Staff/Player's Name: Frost

Staff/Player's Steam ID: all my guns are doors

Requested Action against Staff/Player: IP ban

Reason for complaint?: he hurt my feelings and I feel like he should be banned as a result, also it'd free up an LA slot and allow me to have 3 big balls (his name was dennis, shit looked like we were playing tennis) 


[Image: tfYXj5W.jpg]
Cheesey  VIP 29 Jul 21 at 8:33pm
I am nefarious nigga, I commit evil acts
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