General Weapon Balancing

[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 17 Mar 20 at 12:47am Edited
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What is your suggestion?
A: Change the concept of balancing from nerfing powerful weapons to buffing underpowered weapons in almost all cases.

Currently, with the way gameplay has been balanced, it seems there are approx. 4 weapons that are used, with one being the most common and also the most powerful.

I am obviously talking about the Thompson. It has the magazine capacity of a LMG, the damage of an assault rifle, and the firerate of a SMG (yes I am exaggerating. Fook off). There's always been a weapon like that with every pack we've used.

Now, normally this may result in a simple nerf request, as it does seem to completely outdo just about every other weapon, but, instead I am going to ask that other less used weapons be buffed.

This is more of a general concept, but a few choice changes from my end are:
P90: Increase damage by 1-2
M16A4: Increase firerate (cycle between bursts)

How would this benefit the server?
A: It would make weapons feel more balanced, and moreover, would result in more weapons becoming viable due to the overall changes.

One thing I do need to note is that this isn't a suggestion to remove the concept of nerfing weapons entirely, it is simply a suggestion for you devs out there to buff weapons that are less used in order to make them more viable.

Also stop ghost changing things. Post your updates into Dev-updates like a good boy or no candy for you. Just stick em into a block change or something.

Them FOXTROTs got pretty annoyed at the ghost nerf to the Falcon.

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#1 Great Wooden Dad  Member 17 Mar 20 at 12:58am
m16a4 rpm: i dont think it could be done that easily/its fine as it where its sitting at its level placement
thompson:i dont see much a problem with it tbh, all of my play it was alright and it isnt so great at CQC with it being SMG but thats my personal take
p90: giving a small recoil decrease would be nice but gun is overall fine and balanced
Bel1ve.  VIP 17 Mar 20 at 3:18am Edited
-1 p90 damage buff really lmao.

Quick edit after rethinking about it.

+1 but that p90 buff -1 I think lower tier weapons AND higher tier weapons should be buffed cause at the current moment the AK47 is metagun and I am astonished by the fact that it hasn't been nerfed yet. But a lvl 90 gun? Does get a nerf???? What, like bruh. + it would make other guns ACTUALLY fun to use cause they can kill another player rather than having the problem to be forced to flank or have a team to rely on.
KingDogeThe3rd  Member 17 Mar 20 at 5:11pm
+1 for p90 buff but what it needs is stability and some more mods like ergo grip and such it’s dmg is already pretty good just recoil is bad
Valiance  Member 17 Mar 20 at 5:50pm
+1 for the Thompson. It outdoes the AR2, one of my consistently used weapons, at almost every purpose. Including range.
keep the mag, lower the damage, it fires fucking 45 ACP, not 7.62 ????
haha just a little ouchie boo boo fucking end me
Poison  VIP 17 Mar 20 at 8:56pm
please just stop

"You can't change whats done, you can only move on."
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