Give RF/UNION CO their grenades back

TheJC  VIP 23 Sep 22 at 9:20am
Appeal for what? Its a CO class.
Magnum  Certified Gamemaster VIP 23 Sep 22 at 10:02am
-1 What's next. Are Union COs also going to get a unique gun as well again?

Sure the argument that it provides an addition to teamplay is cool and all, but Union/RF COs won't always be on the server. If you want increased teamplay, do it in a way that every other fighter or union can do rather than giving at tops, five or six people, a frag grenade. RF/UNION COs can have every weapon in the game short of a high damage shotgun or the minigun (looking at you Kar98/Snakeshot revolver) as part of their kit and still not skimp on armor all that much, they really do not need the versatility. I'd rather frag grenades be craftable again or just given to a class that really needs the versatility like RIOT or even just give them to Squads/Partisan as a whole for a carry weight drop (if you really want to trust newcomers with explosives).
[DEFN] Sentinel  President 23 Sep 22 at 11:59am
Denied, Locked/Moved. I will be further explaining this decision in the community meeting on Saturday.
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