Give SU Necksnap

[DEFN] Angry little man  VIP 26 May 19 at 8:24am
FULL RP Name(s):
A: SU Squid Psycho
RF PVT Psycho

Discord Username:
A: Fadi#4101

Steam ID:

Workshop Link: (If applicable)
A:Climb swep is already in game

What is your suggestion?
A:Bring back necksnap

How would this benefit the server?
A:I'll list some points.
1. It would help infiltrations
It would make infiltrations of MACE and SU a lot easier and more actual, "infiltration-y," imagine running an assassination and then neck snapping you're target it was cool, but there are some bad things which I will address [Sum it up, fleshes out infiltrations and combat]

2. It can't be too abused with new rules in place
We can no longer interrupt DB, and we must immediately exfiltrate after our task is done in their base. Also on this new map necksnap won't work on  most points due to it being spread out a lot, you'd have to stalk a target and wait for them. Most people hated necksnap due to you being able to just neck snap a DB line, which you can't do anymore. You can't necksnap entire tryouts, you can only interrupt them, not destroy them. New rules fit necksnap abuse and address the problem. Also we have the STL and HAs ready to make new rules to stop abuse, and also developers ready to take it away if this suggestion doesn't go well.

3. It'll add one more reason to nerf cross.
Self explanatory. 
This is why necksnap should be added to SU and MACE only, if that's not possible then all climb swep classes.
ok bye


i hate you fuckers

[DEFN] Dreik  VIP 26 May 19 at 8:28am
Acting like just because there is rules niggas won't break them yea ima have to -1 and not just cuz I dislike SU, cuz it was abused way too much before and it will most definitely be abused again if re added.
+I have a climbswep class so no bias here
PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 26 May 19 at 8:33am
yes turn SU into scp 173 +1
Some guy on the internet  Member 26 May 19 at 8:36am
-1 The idea itself is fine but here's the problem: A immidieate intsta-kill weapon which doesn't charge up or have any cooldown is something i extremely hate. And despite the fact that there might be new rules in place there will most likely still be people who'll do it anyway and ruin the fun.

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[DEFN] Angry little man  VIP 26 May 19 at 8:37am
Necksnap cross nerf server climate balance blah blah cooldown give cooldown no fast no abuse blah blah nerf cross


i hate you fuckers

[DEFN] Head Janitor  VIP 26 May 19 at 9:17am
-1 NO
Mainly because i hate SU and secondly because they abused it too much in the past

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You probably know me 
Hardway245  Member 26 May 19 at 9:27am
They already have other abilities

[Image: FDDA37FAC710C3150440BA1B5004FD2DA56D273F]
[DEFN] Hangman  VIP 26 May 19 at 10:16am
I already don't trust this at same time cross are first one to prove they are going to abuse it.
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