Give the JURY CO whitelist faster movement speed or just increase it overall.

Poison  Certified Gamemaster VIP 25 Nov 19 at 7:03pm Edited
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What is your suggestion?
A: Give the JURY CO whitelist faster movement speed than the enlisted movement speed. The JURY CO whitelist is SLOWER than the enlisted one. It doesn't have to be a huge change but being slower than the enlisted is dumb. Alternatively, give Jury overall a movement speed buff.

How would this benefit the server?
A: This would make the JURY CO whitelist more fun to use, and more valuable on the field, and make cuffing more efficient.

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[DEFN] Aithead  Certified Gamemaster VIP 25 Nov 19 at 7:57pm

JURY CO should be as fast as JURY, otherwise it doesn't make sense to use the JURY CO whitelist.
Poison  Certified Gamemaster VIP 25 Nov 19 at 8:51pm
(25 Nov 19 at 7:59pm)#1 Great Wooden Dad Wrote: if this isnt already a thing uhh yeah +1

JURY already has increased movement speed, but the CO whitelist is slower than the enlisted whitelist (from my testing anyways)

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Destitute the :dab:  Affairs Counselor VIP 26 Nov 19 at 1:57am
I don't support making JURY COs faster, but I do support making the COs the same speed as enlisted, the fact that isn't the case is a wew
Serry  VIP 26 Nov 19 at 1:04pm
I dont see the reason why they should make Jury faster overall, but setting the JURY CO speeds the same as the JURY speed should be good enough
Poison  Certified Gamemaster VIP 26 Nov 19 at 1:28pm
(26 Nov 19 at 1:06pm)#1 Great Wooden Dad Wrote: Don't uh SCAVs get speed increased in uh CO tho


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Anti yes  Member 26 Nov 19 at 7:22pm
+1 yeyeyeysysyeysyeysysyeysyysysyeys
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