Half Life 2 Barricade/Fortification Props to replace the Fallout 4 models.

Big_Gus  Member 28 Sep 22 at 11:01am
FULL RP Name(s):
A: OTA SHIELD 06 9716

Discord Username:
A: GUS#0101

Steam ID:
A: STEAM_0:1:67445196

Workshop Link: (If applicable)
A: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...1574676244

What is your suggestion?
A: The server currently uses Fallout 4 - Fortification Props as a solution to maps lacking barricades and props however they look incredibly out of place in a Half Life 2 setting, and the worst part? They're a whopping 60 MB. You know how much sentinel wants to optimize the content of the server.

How would this benefit the server?
A: These models look like they're from Half Life 2, The model pack is 0.246 MB which is a 250% size optimization over the Fallout 4 props. Now you might be asking? Gus do these models have all the same features as the fallout 4 ones? And to answer your question I'd say Yes! They do serve all the same purposes (essentially the author looked at the fallout 4 ones and remodeled them out of half life 2 polygons and textures).
bee21  Senior Server Administrator VIP 28 Sep 22 at 11:03am
why not both? 60mb is nothing

[Image: pou.png]
Bore/Sev  Head Administrator VIP 28 Sep 22 at 11:05am
You can't load anything that 60mb already bee.

Never knew we used fallout 4 models, it looks cool enough
bee21  Senior Server Administrator VIP 28 Sep 22 at 11:07am
i think they already translate well into hl2 since its mostly made of scrap.... i jusit dont see the need to replace somehting most people are very familiar with so i would rather that both are addaaded

[Image: pou.png]
[DEFN] Sentinel  President 28 Sep 22 at 11:08am
They're used in maps, they were not added specifically for engineer use
bee21  Senior Server Administrator VIP 28 Sep 22 at 11:09am

[Image: pou.png]
Tarvitan  Member 28 Sep 22 at 11:21am
+1 Would be p interesting, I'd like it
PersikkaPete  Certified Gamemaster VIP 28 Sep 22 at 11:35am
+1 i really like it
PyroShark  Certified Gamemaster VIP 28 Sep 22 at 11:37am
+1 these props would work be really interesting to work with on engineer and would let them be a lot more creative with their fob's in general
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