Half Life 2 Barricade/Fortification Props to replace the Fallout 4 models.

DeerDust  Certified Gamemaster VIP 28 Sep 22 at 11:57am
+1 These props are p fun to work with (they are used a fuckload in hl2rp) would be a nice addition
I don’t think we need to replace anything especially if the fo4 ones are map content
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Niko_  Head Gamemaster VIP 28 Sep 22 at 1:59pm
they look really cool, i'd very much enjoy having these for gamemaster use too
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Blims  Member 28 Sep 22 at 2:40pm
'Pre-Combine Military Outposts'

I can fix that... +1

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[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 28 Sep 22 at 7:51pm
+1, more props like that is good for both ENGs (so they stop building like SHIT) and for Gamemaster.
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zyer  Head Administrator VIP 28 Sep 22 at 9:36pm
more tools to bbash peoples skull in Big Grin
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Knight Errant  VIP 1 Oct 22 at 11:30am
+1 Add 'em to the Engineer's proplist
Build classes deserve a lil more variety
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