Halloween Cosmetics!

Poll: Should we have halloween cosmetics only obtainable through october?
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No I am boring and do not like this idea

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Bel1ve.  VIP 18 Oct 20 at 12:40pm
(17 Oct 20 at 9:00pm)DeerDust Wrote: -1
it would be too much work to implement such a feat and we really dont need it for something that will last for 15 days, like thats just wasted time.
also there is better things to be deving on rn, even if we just make christmas cosmetics and I just dont wanna see cosmetics added to CvR lmao it would be retarded as fuck, i dont wanna see every union wearing some fucking cat ears

They are only obtainable through a select few days and are perm once obtained and can't be obtained after said time has expired.
meaning you won't lose it afterwards, sorry if I didn't say that in the thread.
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