Harmacist's Ban Appeal

Harm  Member 13 May 20 at 8:45pm
FULL RP Name(s): MPF HELIX SURG OfC-II Harmacist, MPF MACE 05 2991 

Discord User: MKP_321#4405

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:36225342

Who Banned You: N/A

Date of Ban: 5/13/20

Ban Length: Permanent 

Ban Reason: "Sentinel's Order"

Why should you be unbanned?: I have been an extremely dedicated member to this community for over a year, even going so far as to take a subdivision under my wing as an Officer II. When I heard about vehicles being able to be spawned in via the q menu, I wanted to see for myself so I could report it to someone ASAP. I spawned in a INS2 Technical and a T90, but immediately clicked the undo button and reported to Sentinel in Discord DM's about the issue. I take full responsibility for my actions. I believe I should be unbanned due to me trying to find out how people are doing it so I could report about it in full detail.

Evidence/Other: N/A, hopefully this issue gets resolved ASAP
himynameiszdenek  VIP 13 May 20 at 8:49pm
+1 but dont have much hopes since Sent made some bans unappeable. Also most of the people were trying it out and then reporting it, so either theres gonna be mass unbaning or everyone keeps their ban.
PUNCAKE  VIP 13 May 20 at 8:50pm
So that's what was happening +1 free him!
consul.  Certified Gamemaster 13 May 20 at 8:54pm
-1 don't pull that shit again you poopie head
Dodgy  Head Administrator VIP 13 May 20 at 9:12pm

User has been unbanned. 
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