Hello I'm Mang0ne

Mango  Member 5 Nov 21 at 7:30pm
Hello This Is Mang0ne. 
Many of you properly have killed and teabagged me ruthlessly.
One day i will be games master Wink

I have Characters both sides on CVR.

Rebel: SNP MSGT Mang0ne and T6 Tech MangTw0.
Combine: OTA RANGER 06 0987 and NPU JURY 07 2003. (give me EOWA!!!!).

(Is my name pronounced Mang1 or Mangone?)
Alma Armas  Server Administrator VIP 5 Nov 21 at 7:38pm
People use this section?
Magnum  VIP 6 Nov 21 at 11:42am
Fake Mang0ne post, didn't note the +17 on his name, nice try skinwalker.
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