[DEFN] Brand  Staff Team Leader VIP 2 Aug 20 at 6:44am
+1 - Genuinely good guy. Active. Competent. Good application.
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himynameiszdenek  Server Moderator VIP 2 Aug 20 at 10:20am
+1 I am no longer able to see so excuse any typos, muscle memory.
App is good, Hong Kong is cool, yes.
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[DEFN] Strelitzia  Server Administrator VIP 5 Aug 20 at 5:06pm Edited
+1 Same reason as pretty much every +1 here. Well known, knowledgeable, fun to be around (but knows when to be serious). You'd have to be stupid to deny this man!
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Dodgy  Head Administrator VIP 6 Aug 20 at 2:40pm

Please contact a HA for an interview! (NA - Fel and Dodgy | EU - Vexeer)

Thread Locked and Moved.
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