I was banned a long while ago for advertising a raid

[A.C.U][I][FM] CHAOTIC POTATO  Member 17 Dec 19 at 11:23am
Could I be unbanned from the discord please this is Sanders I am an NCO who can't log people due to being banned others have logged recruits for me on my behalf also could I have the NCO training documents please
Bel1ve.  VIP 17 Dec 19 at 12:00pm
kinda cringe application not even following format bruh
Saladin  VIP 17 Dec 19 at 1:11pm

“Pain gets the better of us all”
                                           - Saladin
[DEFN] Hangman  VIP 17 Dec 19 at 2:37pm

Didn't use the Template.
Please use it next time no action will be taken.

Thread closed and moved.

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