ICEPACK'S GM Application??!!

Ice TKE DZ880  Server Administrator VIP 28 Jul 21 at 3:21am Edited
List all RP Character names


MPF UNION Z5 09 0032

SteamID & Discord Name/Tag


Ice TKE DZ880#2832



List all (if any) previous punishments (Warns/Bans)

I have no previous punishments in CVR

What is your reason(s) for applying for Gamemaster?

I have been a Gamemaster in countless communities over the 10+ years of playing GMOD.  I personally love adding atmosphere and immersion to server.  Regardless if they are serious or semi-serious RP. I love hosting events and mini-events to help make the server more enjoyable during peak and late hours.  I am also a teacher IRL and take criticism very well, it is required in my field of work to take notes and improve as a teacher.  I am 25 years old, and I feel that I am accepted as a responsible member of the community by most players. 

Have you ever been Event Staff or something similar before? If so, list your previous positions.

I have been GM and Head GM for many communities throughout the years. Specifically, I have been head GM for WARHAMMER 40K serious RP servers, CLONEWARS serious RP, and HALO serious RP servers.  I have had to create events via Google Documents with summaries, outlines, and roles for people assisting in said events.  I feel that I am well equipped to handle events and GM responsibilities in CVR. 

Describe how you react to negative feedback, from constructive criticism to borderline harassment.

As I said before, I take reviews on events well and only want to improve when it comes to hosting events and making sure players have an enjoyable experience on the server. I also understand however, that if most players enjoy an event, I will not take the opinions of a few as hard because the majority enjoyed the said event.

While planning a server-wide Event you realized that it would make hosting it much easier if you had another Gamemaster assisting you, and manage to get someone to help. Unfortunately 5 minutes before the Event is scheduled to begin, they messaged you and said they would be absent. How do you proceed?

I would first see if any other GM's are on. If not I would then go to people with ULX abilities, such as Admin, Senior Admin, etc. I would have them assist with pills, vehicles, and prop building when needed. If I could not find said individuals, I would rearrange my event to fit the abilities of a single GM instead of being an event that required more than one person.  This is because I have seen GM's host events where the over-extend themselves and they have been executed poorly.  I do not want that to happen in my events because that creates a boring experience for the players on the server.

While planning an Event, you decide to test some of the tools you think would be helpful. You go to the admin room, and start to experiment. Unfortunately, while testing with some NPCs the server crashed. How do you react?

I want to start off with saying I would NOT experiment of the server.  Sentinel has made it CLEAR that he does not want GRIDS, ENGINEERS, or STAFF/GM experimenting on CVR because crashing the server hurts the player-base.  I will take ALL EXPERIMENTING to single-player using the same addons as the server.  However, if for some reason I did crash the server.  I would instantly report the situation to Sentinel and tell him what happened and what caused the crash so he can make sure it does not happen again.

An NCO has finished training a Recruit, but there are no COs or Staff online to provide the whitelist. What do you do?

I have seen and been told that we are allowed to help with RCT whitelist if no-one is on. That being said, I would assist with such call in @ chat. If I am wrong with this choice, then I suggest you make it clear to GM's they can not help with said tickets if staff are not online.

While hosting a server-wide Event you have implemented a RP section where players can interact with a computer in order to open a door. Unexpectedly, a CO decides that they would rather that door stay closed (Presumably so that the other side cannot continue), and orders that the computer be destroyed. Given that the door is essential to progressing your event, how do you react?

I have been a long time Dungeons and Dragons player and DM (game master for said game) and personally I would go with it. I would state the terminals have been rendered useless by the said faction and you must find other means to open the doors. Whether that is by setting explosives, using a vehicle or by repairing the terminal.  I fully support RP and the options/paths people take to reach a said goal.  If combine leadership decides to destroy a terminal, I fully support the door being blown up or rebels taking the building and having engineers repair the terminal to enter.  I will never get caught off guard and can roll with decisions on the fly because in the DnD world, that's what its all about.

While hosting a server-wide Event, a CmD/MAJ decides that they dislike it, and begin to openly attempt to get players to refuse to participate. This reaches the point that there are almost no players participating on one side. How do you resolve the situation?

I would ask the officer to encourage players to participate and then PM me about what they disliked about said event. I would tell them I am sorry they did not enjoy it, and I take all advice to heart. However, I would appreciate that during the event they would help keep the morale high and send complaints once it was finished.

After hosting a server-wide Event, you are in the middle of a post-event Debrief when the COs present tell you to stop hosting your DB so they can host theirs. How do you react?

I would not overreact. I would tell them to please wait for my DB to end so everyone knows how the event turned out.  If they caused more issues I would bring it to higher ups and deal with it there.

What permissions do Gamemasters have, both inside and outside of Events?

Inside of events, they have full jurisdiction.  Outside of events they can not report to staff tickets. They can only report to GM tickets like, scrapping, vehicles, etc. 

While preparing to host an Event, you notice that there are 3 vehicles deployed, and that the server is lagging a bit because of that. What do you do?

I would ask the vehicles to be undeployed then when hosting the event, I would allow either 1 vehicles on each side to be deployed or NO vehicles depending on how laggy the servers is.

Describe your design process of Events prior to queuing them.

I start off with a general idea for an event. I then take it to a google document to type out a proper summary of the said event. After I do that, I type out responsibilities for helpers/staff/GM's.  After I type out said responsibilities, I try to find people to filled and reserve those roles. Then I know I have reserved helpers for my event to help it run smoothly and be executed to the best of its ability.

Create three Event ideas and describe them below. Be as detailed as you feel necessary. Originality is appreciated, and a lack of details will be penalized.

1. A splinter faction of combine have decided to use the help of alien lifeforms from the XEN dimension to further their goals of domination. They feel the combine has not fully utilized lifeforms such as the head-crab or antlion.  They have decided to start mass producing said species with the help of an upcoming gifted scientist.  This scientist has created a portal to the XEN dimension and is creating an army of XEN creatures that are mind controlled to do his bidding.  His technology threatens the objective of the UU and also threatens rebel's freedom.  Extermination of this facility is of the upmost importance to both factions.

2. It is antlion breeding season. A new type of antlion has been able to create antlion grubs and accelerate their growth to a point to where it is almost instantaneous.  This antlion has been deemed dangerous to the ecosystem and if left unchecked, could create an infestation so dangerous that even the combine may have difficulties with controlling.  Locate and exterminate this new form of antlion and kill any drones in the process.

3. A splinter group of vortigaunts have decided to gather and create a resistance of their own. They have formed under the command of certain vortigaunt that has developed the ability to warp the minds of its captives to do its bidding.  This vortigaunt has enslaved resistance and combine alike with the goal of destroying both factions and making Earth a home for it's people.  Your goal is to eliminate this vorigaunt's followers and if possible capture the leader to gather information on how it has developed this ability to control the minds of its captive.

Here is an example of how I would run one of my events.

-I would start the event with a transmission from an unknown source. The transmission would call out the resistance fighters and combine. The transmission would mock them for their effortless fighting and state that a new presence has been growing from right beneath their noses. Constant fighting has made both factions weak, thus solidifying their downfall.

- After the transmission is received a group of converted rebels and splinter groups of combine will attack in an APC and or Gunship. This attack will take place at the most popular location of the current map we are on. When this attack is happening, I will have a volunteer in the mix as a faction officer. I will have the option for either side to capture the individual to find out who they are. Whichever faction captures gets a +1 point to the overall victory of the event. (Highest points gets the better rewards)

-After this I would talk to the highest ranks on and host DB's on both sides explaining the origins of this faction, who their leader is, and why so many units from both combine and rebel have deserted to this group of vortigaunts. I would then explain that we have acquired intel on where this splinter faction is hiding (map change incoming) both combine and rebel will know the location regardless of who found the location due to SU and MACE on the inside of both armies leaking information. We would explain that once the map has been changed all forces will gather at DB to prepare for the attack.

-Once I set up the player characters that are helping the event, and the NPC's, I will give both sides the OK to attack the facility. The goal is to eliminate the splinter faction's forces and capture the leader to figure out how they are warping the minds of their followers. Whichever faction captures gets another +1. However if the vortigaunt leader is killed both sides will get a +0. We will fail to acquire data on the mind control and this will cause a possible second event with survivors from the splinter faction creating a counter attack.

-If the leader is acquired, the event will be concluded and the faction with the leader will gain the technology to defend against the mind control. The opposing faction will be allowed to base raid to steal this said technology and information.

-All in all, I will have players that are in the GM Helpers Discord help with characters. I will have staff monitor the event and I will have other GM's help with NPC spawning, player teleporting, and prop building. This will allow me to RP in COMMS more and create a more immersive experience for the players during the event.

How often do you think GMs should host events?

I think main events should be at least once every 2 weeks.  However, I think mini-events should happen very often. I would say 3-4 times a week if possible.

Do you understand and accept the following clause: I will not leak Staff or Gamemaster information, I will not abuse my powers, and I will not break the Gamemaster rules.

I understand and accept this clause.

Do you understand the basics of using ULX? List what you know.

I understand ALL ULX. I have used ULX for 10+ years and can navigate the !menu very well.
-I have !menu bound and I understand how to use @ to target players I am looking at and ^ for myself and * for all players.
These are some examples but I pretty much know all of the commands in the menu that I would have access to.
ozz12231  Certified Gamemaster VIP 28 Jul 21 at 7:06am
Fat +1
Icepack is well trusted in the community he is a staff also and he is very lovely guy (stinky icepack)
For the app its well formated and easy to read
Really good answers for the questions
The events part is are cool and kinda creative on paper
I would really like to see the 3th event happen sound like a very cool one and most people will like it
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Alma Armas  Server Administrator VIP 28 Jul 21 at 7:34am
You are creative, active in the server, you're already a staff and know what to do with your job and ect, a big fat fucking +1 to you my guy.
your family pet  Member 28 Jul 21 at 9:21am
+1 this guy is that guy he knows what hes doing and youre also a staff already so you definitely know the rules
Sigma  Senior Server Administrator VIP 28 Jul 21 at 9:24am
+1 Answers are very thought out. Good luck!
Bateman  Certified Gamemaster VIP 28 Jul 21 at 10:21am
+1 Super creative and friendly guy. Hope you make it into GM.
Bore/Sev  Head Administrator VIP 28 Jul 21 at 11:08am
+1, even if he's a filthy zeta :], he's pretty active and has gm and staff experience. He already does small rp related stuff after hours and he's quite good at it.

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Secretly a Staff Main
Dopplah  VIP 28 Jul 21 at 11:22am
+1 eijfwo djwoeijgr t hreiu

Kapitan Dopplah 
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BOT Pieswick  VIP 28 Jul 21 at 11:45am
great member of the community, already does some great scenarios as it is so I'd love to see it

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hey all scott here  VIP 28 Jul 21 at 12:06pm
Iceman yes +1 cool man has great app also if you are wondering how tf I am posting this while in scout camp well....apparently the dining hall has free wifi Smile
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