If it ain't broke, don't fix it

Destitute the :dab:  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 1:28am
The torrent of fire punched through his armor, tearing into his flesh, cracking apart his bones, rendering a rigorous regime of augmentation and enhancement useless. 

The Overwatch soldier gasped and began to choke on the blood building up in his throat. There was an unfamiliar feeling, a feeling he hadn’t felt since they meticulously tried to suppress with brainwashing program after brainwashing program. He could feel the control over his body slip away as his own consciousness began to fade, fading as more blood leaked out of his shrapnel infested wounds. The way the pain burned, it dredged up feelings of vulnerability, of panic, of fear. 

What kind of weapon had the rebels created that could make him, one of the Combine’s finest, fall as if they were nothing more than a regular human? Had they acquired one of their Pulse weapons? Repurposed and reverse-engineered their technology? Even in his increasingly deliriousness he had enough sense to try and identify the weapon they were using, so that Command can see the new technology the Rebels have created when they review his footage. 

The rebel slowly approached the dying transhuman, throwing a drum magazine close to the ground, and swore, discharging an unused round from his gun. The round landed close to the dying soldier, it was fatter than the rounds used in their MP7s, was it really just a regular ballistic?

He turned his gaze back unto the rebel, who stuck a box magazine and rack back the charging handle on the… top? 

It was a fucking Thompson. The sheer impudence infuriated him, all feelings of fear and panic washed away as he stared down the barrel of the outdated weapon. The rebel stared at him through the sights of his Thompson, and spoke in an impressed tone.

“Not bad for over 50 years.”

A single shot rang out, and the world went silent again.

I write stories and lore for a server that's not even RP-based.

It do be kinda fun tho. 

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kcimroCcM ynneK  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 1:31am
Thought this was a post about weapons people hate and how they can't counter them. Funny, really, thought it would've mentioned the Saiga and not tommy

I hope my GM application gets accepted!
Shower  Server Moderator VIP 28 Jun 20 at 1:33am
-1 not porn
Destitute the :dab:  VIP 28 Jun 20 at 1:37am
(28 Jun 20 at 1:33am)Shower Wrote: -1 not porn

why do people want me to write smut so badly smh
[ICUT]Echos  Member 28 Jun 20 at 2:38am
other than a certain person cough shower cough its pretty kool that a man gets pissed off over old tech
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