IP Ban appeal ;D

Drgnfire  Server Operator VIP 22 Nov 20 at 1:12am Edited
were not your own words saying for why the ban should be removed "I moved to Pakistan, I'm not trying to circumnavigate bans, sowwy if I confused you there!" implying you got on the server your when not supposed too? also the ban reason said alt account as one the six reasons.
Optamistic™  Member 22 Nov 20 at 1:19am
Yeah! Dodgy said I made a alt account to bypass in my last appeal and I thought he meant I changed my IP like a meanie, I didn't.
Drgnfire  Server Operator VIP 22 Nov 20 at 1:27am
Looking at the other appeal as pointed out by Management at the time Burn said

"The reason it states ban evasion is because after the original ban you recieved, you attempted to reconnect and our system banned you again permanently. However, this would not matter as users in this thread have pointed out your original ban reason and the length of time. Seeing as how a Head Admin banned you and the reasoning for it, i will deny this appeal.
Locked. "

Then denied and locked the Appeal.
Optamistic™  Member 22 Nov 20 at 1:30am
Ohhh, okee!
That was so long ago though ;-;
I want to come back! Big Grin
Drgnfire  Server Operator VIP 22 Nov 20 at 1:43am
Did you not make a ban appeal yesterday that got denied on the same day I would of waited some time later not post one appeal after the next?
Optamistic™  Member 22 Nov 20 at 2:24am
I don't know.. I just want to come back ;-;;;;
Dodgy  Head Administrator VIP 22 Nov 20 at 2:38am

User was permanently banned for circumventing a blacklist via the use of alternate account, as well as ban evasion. 

To clarify, the player attempted and was successful at circumventing their BALLISTA blacklist. Fortunately for us, their logging system picked up their former server nickname in the BALLISTA Discord. I was contacted by Skittles, who showed me their Steam account, which was brand new. It couldn’t be anymore blatant. Kinda funny how moving to another country also makes you create another Steam account to play on a server you were already banned on.

Please stop making appeals or you will receive further punishment.

[Image: image0.png]

[Image: image1.png]
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