Irising Ban Appeal

Irising  Member 13 May 20 at 7:52pm
FULL RP Name(s): [color=var(--text-muted)]MPF UNION 08 5051[/color]

Discord Username: Irisingg#6415

Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:12608228

Who banned you?: i dont know

Date of Ban:14/05/2020 at 01:45

Ban Length: perma

Ban Reason: I spawned car twice (i think)

Why should you be unbanned?: Because i didnt get notice if i continue i will be ban, i spawned a car first time for see if i can and i can spawn it so i delete it and i wanted to retry because i wanted to know if it's work with another car and i was gonna report it, so i want to get unban because i really have a good time on it with my friend and i just love the gamemode

Evidence/Other: i was just with my friend and i told him i can spawn car and he didn't know if it's was allow to
Juan  Member 13 May 20 at 7:53pm
Did the same thing and got banned for it too, I feel you +1
Poison  VIP 13 May 20 at 7:54pm
bruh moment, juans alt account stop being cringe @Juan you suck
Irising  Member 13 May 20 at 8:24pm
exactly curiosity is bad
Juan  Member 13 May 20 at 8:41pm
(13 May 20 at 8:40pm)PUNCAKE Wrote: Wtf is happening

We died so you could live...
Raven.  Server Moderator VIP 13 May 20 at 8:42pm
Ban is unappealable.
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