Is scoot secretly trying to destroy the penguins?

Poll: Is Scoot a bad bad man thats need to death
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Yes burn that boi
No swaos

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Lemons  VIP 30 Jul 20 at 4:16pm
Obviously we all know the answer to this question but for those.... "special people" out there heres the question, is Scoot responsible for global warming? It seems pretty obvious as to the answer.
himynameiszdenek  Server Moderator VIP 30 Jul 20 at 4:26pm
Sono chino sadame[attachment=3][attachment=2][attachment=5][attachment=9][attachment=10]
Cat Cube  Member 30 Jul 20 at 4:49pm
global warming isnt real
Swag Forza  VIP 30 Jul 20 at 5:16pm
Denied. Appeal has been denied due to the nature of the responses given; as the vast majority of those who responded did not respond in a serious manner. This shows to myself and many others, that not only do you have no intent to learn from and accept punishment for doing wrong; you intend to make a meme out of it. Also it doesn't take a genius to see why I haven't responded to your requests to join the development discord (being that you are an CO); and the conduct on this appeal is proof as of why I haven't responded.
AlexMagus  Junior Affairs Counselor Server Moderator 30 Jul 20 at 6:41pm
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