Jesus christ the kunai is kinda meh

Clash  VIP 19 Aug 20 at 9:21pm
look at this here folks, lower managemnet guy surprorototing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- slouchmeister guy 
BEEP BOP  Certified Gamemaster Junior Infrastructure Moderator VIP 19 Aug 20 at 9:26pm
Make kunai throwable and a Melee weapon The anarchist would have to infiltrate the base to get ammo for the kunai and could have a limit of five and they would have to use them wisely and then go restock again it would make anarchist way more fun I think
DeerDust  Certified Gamemaster 22 Aug 20 at 5:37am
-1 to getting a new weapon
the kunai is so much more interesting than using no fucking skill to just quick draw a gun, and i say this as a person who likes to hop on anarchist from time to time. if factions want ranged firepower, organizing a raid on a unguarded base isnt too hard.
However, I am nuetral to the idea of giving the kunai a buff.
I think the kunai right now is useable and entertaining to use. if you get a group of anarchists you can just shank the fuck out of some loners and it feels great. but i get that its not exactly as good as the luger was, so if the devs were interested in making the kunai on par with the luger, than maybe if they are interested they could buff it.
Clash  VIP 22 Aug 20 at 8:41pm
"tryina think about it but it feels like it'll be extremely hard, what with anarchist having so little appeal now that it relays on the shittiest of registration... One that relays on the server, rather than hitscan (which simulates where the person was when considering your lag, hence making it tons easier to actually hit).
it's referred to as "projectile scan" in tf2 - because the server simulates a projectile (for the melee, for some reason, I know, it's weird)."
- head minister of the KGB Mango

I'm not asking for a damage or swing speed buff, im asking for it to actually work as intended. I don't wanna have to learn the new skill that is perfectly timing the swing so that the hitbox registers it. If I were to compare it to anything, it would be using a knife as spy in TF2. But it that game, the hitbox for a backstab is actually the opposite of the kunai because the kunai is harder to get kills with while in TF2 sometimes you get lucky and get a facestab. Of course it would be preferred to getting a new ranged weapon, but a kunai fix (a fix not a buff) would be perfectly fine.

- slouchmeister guy 
[DEFN] Aithead  Head Gamemaster VIP 23 Aug 20 at 6:12pm
From what I tested, the Kunai does I believe 160 damage for left click, and 240 damage for right click.

A minor tweak might be allowing Anarchist to move faster while holding the kunai, which would allow it to catch up to enemy classes instead of being trapped behind them constantly. Nothing massive, simply a +10 or even +20 HU speed increase. They can be KOS'd while holding it so it's not like it'd be particularly overpowered, it'd just allow them to catch up to classes if they make a minor movement mistake. It's real anime running hours now.

9mm OP don't give em that.

The other possible tweak is to allow the weapon to be thrown as per a grenade (No explosion) for like 250 damage which then has a cooldown for like 20 seconds before it "recharges" and you get another one. Even if it's not ultra realistic, it's balanced to be better than a instant recharge, as well as better than a Never recharge. This would sacrifice the right-click, and the player wouldn't be able to use the left click until the 20 seconds had passed.
Archimedes  VIP 23 Aug 20 at 7:25pm
Please get rid of this god forsaken knife it only appeals to once and a while anarch players and doesnt take Anarch mains into account,its nearly impossible to steal weapons due to the new squad system and your basically stuck with a knife 24/7 unless the Rebel/combine base is somehow clear. Factions like the KGB have little to no activity due to the new knife just give us a pistol worse than the luger thats all I ask
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Clash  VIP 23 Aug 20 at 7:59pm
even if its a nerf supersoaker i literally don't care, just something that can be used viably out of a few situations

and I know some people like the kunai and its not just made for kgb but come on all im asking for is to fix the hitbox bug, not even buff it.

- slouchmeister guy 
Bel1ve.  VIP 24 Aug 20 at 6:18am Edited
I change my opinion, the knife is very bad and nearly unusable unless your target is standing still which is pretty rare. so +1
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